How to Playfully Decorate a Kid’s Bedroom


Bedrooms should always be welcoming and inspire a sense of calm to help you get to sleep at night, which is why having comfortable mattresses and gorgeous bed linens are important. As an adult, you might prefer a simpler color scheme in your bedroom, but for younger children, something more exciting and playful might be more appropriate. If you’re planning to redecorate your child’s bedroom and you want it to be the perfect space for them to play, do their homework, and sleep, here are some suggestions to help you achieve a cool bedroom aesthetic that they will love.

A Cool Bed

If you want to make sure they get a good night’s sleep, a bed with a quality mattress is a must, but can you make their sleeping area more interesting? Raised beds with a desk space or storage underneath can be ideal for keeping their room tidy and also providing a study space when they need one. It’s also a more interesting choice rather than your standard single bed. You can get others that are designed like pirate ships or rockets, or if you do want something simpler, you could even hang netting over the top to create a princess-style bed if this is something they would like.

Add Kids Artwork Display Frame

Adding a Kids Artwork Display Frame to your child’s bedroom is a wonderful way to celebrate their creativity and foster a sense of pride in their artistic accomplishments. These frames provide a dedicated space for showcasing your child’s drawings, paintings, and other artwork, turning their bedroom into a mini art gallery. Not only does this display frame allow your child to proudly exhibit their creations, but it also serves as a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for further artistic exploration. By prominently featuring their artwork, you’re not only beautifying their space but also nurturing their self-expression and confidence. Additionally, regularly updating the display frame with new pieces allows your child to see their progress over time, reinforcing their sense of achievement and growth. Overall, integrating a Kids Artwork Display Frame into your child’s bedroom is a simple yet meaningful way to create a personalized and inspiring environment that celebrates their creativity. Check the best Kids Artwork Display Frame 13X10 here.

Create Different Areas in the Room

This will depend on the size of the room itself, but in even smaller spaces, you can do this to an extent. For example, having a dedicated play area or reading corner could be a wonderful idea and also help to keep the room organized. You could put a table by the window for when they want to draw or do arts and crafts if these are activities they enjoy, as this will enable them to paint with natural light.

Paint a Mural on the Walls

Another way you can create a playful, gorgeous bedroom for your kids is by painting a smart mural on the walls. If you don’t want to do something that extravagant, you can still use stencils to make the finished décor more interesting. You could even look into getting custom stencils if you wanted to paint their name, a quote from their favorite book or film, online anchor wall art, or something else that is personal to them.

Clever Storage

It’s no secret that kids can create a lot of mess, and teaching them to tidy up after themselves is something that should start as soon as possible! This is why you need to make sure you are incorporating plenty of storage space into the bedroom design. You can purchase colorful toy chests for them to keep their toys in when they aren’t in use. Custom-made shelves with carvings of their favorite animals, cartoon characters, etc., are also an option to explore.

Draw-on Wallpaper

There are certain types of wallpaper that you can buy that are designed for kids to draw on. While some parents might shy away from this for fear their kids will start drawing on all of the walls in the house, if you think this is something your child would find fun, it’s worth looking into. It will certainly add to the playful nature of the room and keep them entertained!

If you are planning on redecorating your kid’s room sometime soon, consider this tip to help you transform it into a playful haven for them.

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