How To Promote Your Blog For Maximum Traffic


People who own blogs know how hard it can sometimes be to build an audience. Many are times when one wants to give up on blogging simply because they do not know how to gain traffic. However, many people have had success in building traffic to their sites without having to give up on their effort. Nowadays if you need to increase the number of followers of your Pinterest blog, for instance, you can use online services like PinGrowth service, they are known to help blog owners build traffic with ease. In this article, we shall discuss some of the things one can do to drive traffic to their blogs or websites.

Here are things to do to promote a blog for maximum traffic:

1. Content strategy

This is an easy way to build traffic to your website. What kind of content are you posting on the site? How relevant is such content? You need to develop a content marketing strategy that ensures that it brings in more searches to your website. What kind of content does your blog audience want? Is your content funny, cool, or educational? What about the use of videos on your site? Does your website have some kind of infographics? The idea here is to create content that your audience wants to read and share.

2. Ensure content created is evergreen

When you create content for your website, ensure that it is not only relevant but is evergreen. This means the content should continue being relevant in years to come. This is content that will not become irrelevant in a few years to come. Your headlines should attract visitors to the site. Make sure you have captivating headlines that can bring people to read your content. Shabby headlines easily die off and will not attract readers to the content.

3. Use social media promotions

Social media is king when it comes to driving traffic to a website. You can use social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook among others. If you share your content on these sites, you can rest assured more people will see the content. You can also create a social media page for your website so that your social media contacts can be updated every time you post new content.

4. Include photos and incorporate keywords

From studies done, photos can indeed boost your blog readership. They make your content more appealing and hence will bring in more traffic to your website. To boost SEO for your blog, you can include an Alt image tag for the photos. Ensure your photos do not violate copyright laws. In the same breath, ensure that your content has incorporated the right keywords so that you can attract more traffic. A keyword strategy for the site should be something every blog owner thinks about.

5. Incorporate links

Links are important instruments through which search engines rank your website. When you mention a service or a product on your website, you should include a link to the company’s page. Remember that outbound links could easily help you create inbound links from the companies you mention. Links can also act as a resource for your visitors. This means that your traffic will improve as more links bring activity to your blog.


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