How to Redecorate your Bedroom: A Handy Checklist


Redecorating your bedroom is always a daunting task. To help you organise your bedroom decoration project the Original Bed Company has made a checklist covering every aspect of the room.

From bed to plants, here is everything you need to know to create the perfect space for your sleep.

When it comes to your bedroom, the Original Bed Company suggests that this space should be the truest reflection of you and your personality. Trends do not necessarily need be followed here, however, focusing more on filling your room with things that you enjoy, will ensure you create a truly authentic and unique interior.

Colour: Colour really does affect your mood, so consider how you wish to feel rather than following the latest colour trends. Darker tones can make a room feel intimate and sophisticated, yet lighter tones will allow you to play around more with accessories and pops of colour to bring a fun element to your room.

: The bed will be the main focal point and with this being the largest item in the room it should be positioned central and along the largest and most solid wall. The correct mattress will complement your bed, remember, one size does not fit all, make sure you try out several mattresses to see which works best for you.

Walls: With many options to choose from when it comes to decorating your walls and this will be all down to personal preference. Wallpaper is a quick and easy option for implementing complex patterns and colours into your room, however, wallpaper can be expensive in comparison to paint. Paint, nevertheless, is a great and low-cost option for simplicity and the range of paint colours available is extensive.

Curtains and Blinds: Curtains and blinds instantaneously add to the feeling of warmth and cosiness in any bedroom. Curtains will add character and sophistication, yet they are expensive and require some maintenance, so many will opt for blinds that’re made to measure for a cheaper and simpler alternative.

Lighting: Keeping your room visually interesting with the use of lighting will create an ambient space where you can read your favourite book or simply just relax, The Original Bed Company suggests using a mixture of floor and bedside lamps to create the perfect glow.

Floors: Beautiful flooring has the power to transform any bedroom, carpets are great for warmth and comfort, as there is nothing more satisfying about hopping out of bed and sinking your feet into a cosy carpet. Where carpets are harder to maintain, timber floors are another great option for statement style.

Rugs: The Original Bed Company suggests warming timber flooring up with feature rugs. Large rugs particularly, look great on wooden floors and placing them under an open bed will give the same comforting effect as a carpet. Rugs will act as an anchor for tying in the bed and the rest of the room’s décor together.

To give you some further inspiration, this visual has been created to show what you could achieve by following these tips:

The full checklist can be viewed here.

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