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A compound covered with grass looks more beautiful than a bare desert-like compound. Generally, we all feel good when we lie on the grass for a rest. At one time the grass then has to glow and it may end up growing to an unpleasing height, if such happens then you will be forced to look for something like a slasher or you have to look for an improved kind of technology and consider buy husqvarna lawn mowers to achieve your task.

lawn mower repair

Therefore, a lawnmower also known as a grass cutter is a kind of engine machine with revolving blades used to cut or trim the grass. The mower uses two sources of power that is battery powered or electric motor and fuelled engine. Lawnmowers come in several types, namely; Two-cylinder Engines, Four-cylinder engines, and electrical engines. If you want to buy gardening equipment check this website

Step by step guide on how to repair a lawn mower engine.

Anything made by humans always needs a repair, winter seasons are always the best time to take your lawnmower for service before the spring season approaches. Before keeping your lawnmower as the winter approaches it’s always advisable that you drain the fuel from the engine or add a fuel stabilizer so that it starts up when you need it. Below are the basic procedures to follow as you repair your engine.

Step 1: Disconnect the Spark Plug.

The main reason for this step is to avoid chances of the engine starting when you are still working on it. It’s at least better to lose a few of your seconds than losing your fingers or more worse your hand. Also to avoid dirty which may lead to infections wear your gloves as well as goggles for eye protection.

Step 2: Pre Diagnoses.

As you start your repair, it’s advisable to look at the spark plug first; the reason for this is to help you have a clue on what is going on in the engine. If you observe the plug having a melted metal around the chart then that is a sign of the meltdown, therefore that will be a good sign of lack of good oil in your engine, also buy a Heli coli which patches the damage of your plug.

Step 3: Ignition System.

Before your lawnmower starts, there must be an ignition for the engine to start. Therefore, for this process to take place, a mower is fixed with a magneto ignition system that acts as a step-up transformer. The presence of a small gap between a flywheel and a magneto makes the magneto system most important. You should check the wiring system and try looking for any wear that may cause problems. You are warned not to hold any metal on the spark plug because you will get a painful zap.

Step 4: Removing a Flywheel

This is one of the aggravating processes in repairing your mower. But the nut can easily be removed by first blocking the rotation of the blade. Do not hold a flywheel or craw bar because they might break off, After removing the nut, now pry off the freewheel as you are rotating for easy lifting.

Step 5: Carburettor cleaning

Since the most affected part of the engine is the carburettor, then it is the most important process in a 4 stroke engine where you must have to use two pages to explain the process of cleaning it. Before repairing a carburettor the number one most important thing is to clean your carburetor. In summary, you must separate each part of your carburettor as you clean each with the attention that it deserves.

Step 6: Fuel Tank and Lines

Dust or any other dirty in the gas cap can lead to clogging, this can cause the failure of the engine to start. To clear this problem then you will have to push a small gauge wire through the hole to clean the dirty. If you see trickles of gas on the gas tank, then clean with a light brush.

Step 7: Intake and exhaust valves

A standard lawnmower engine is made up of a four-stroke engine. The intake valve injects air-fuel mixing into the combustion chamber. Sometimes these valves tend to gather junk around the shaft and it should be cleaned for effectiveness. To avoid scratch and leaking of the oil then you should change the oil, if you let this happen you will have no choice than buying a new valve.

Step 8: Spark Arrestor.

Though there isn’t a very important part of the engine, it is a required part by law by all outdoor engines. As per the name suggestion then this part is for catching the sparks that comes out of the engine to prevent fire. Spark arrestors can only be cleaned with a wire brush to break up the blockages.

Step 9: Removing the piston

Removing the engine piston requires you to remove separate the engine into two halves, this step should be done with a lot of care to avoid engine damage. After removing the piston check the gaps in the rings and if they are lining, then your piston is okay else align the gaps at about 90 degrees to avoid leaking of the oil. If you do all this and your ring engine fails then you will have to prefer buying a new piston. If you do all the above 9 steps then now gather everything and fix it back together.


To sum up, repairing the lawnmower engine can be highly fragile and you should do every step carefully to avoid any misfortunes that may be brought up by carelessness. If so then you must have to revisit the engine store to purchase a new lawn.

For a fast and more accurate job then a lawnmower engine should be your first choice as you wake up, the engine is the easiest one to use and it doesn’t require a lot of expertise to use. Though you may see it as expensive it will save you time and too much energy.

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