How To Root Android Smartphone With Towel Root APK


Most people don’t want to root their devices because of the hassles that they have to go through. The traditional phone rooting process deals with drivers, file downloading, and PCs. So it’s quite difficult for common people to root their devices.

But what if there’s a much easier way to root your device? So avoid the hassled of the traditional rooting system, you can try the Towelroot APK. This apk from Geohot is one of the best apks to root your device. Besides, there is no need for any device drivers nor any Pc or laptop for rooting.

But what this apk actually is? How does it work? How to use it? Read on….

What is Towelroot APK

Towelroot is a rooting app or apk for your android device. With only this apk you can root your android device in seconds. This is one of the advanced rooting apks produced to date.

Another thing that makes the Towelroot Android App so famous is that it is supported on almost all android devices. Moreover, you can also root your tablets with this apk as well.

Like all things, this rooting apk has a drawback as well. If your phone has the latest android versions, then this Towelroot APKwill not root your device. But that won’t be much of a problem as we mainly root the old phones.

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The Feature OfTowelroot APK

As you already know what TowelrootApk is, now it’s time to know about the amazing features of this android device rooting app.

Here are the Features of this apk-

1. Tiny Size

Thi android device rooting apk is less than 110kb in size. So it’ll only take a tiny space in your device storage. However, don’t just think a small size won’t work. It’s smaller in size and efficient at the same time. So it’ll completely root your device.

2. Easy Interface

The Towelroot V2 APKhas the best interface for a rooting app. The other rooting apps have a very clumsy interface which becomes difficult to operate for users. But Towelroot is easy to use, and you can root your android phone with only a click!

3. Hassle-free

After hearing the word rooting, people immediately think they’ll need tons of drivers and a PC. But not in this case. This apk is enough to root your device, and there is no need to connect your phone with a PC. Besides, you’ll not need to download any extra drivers as well.

4. Root with no Internet Connection

You’ll only need the internet fordownloading Towelroot 4.4.2. But after that, your device needs no internet connection for rooting. Previously some people got disconnected from the internet while rooting their devices. And the whole process stopped at once. So using this app will be the wiser choice for them.

5. Compatibility

Geohot made Towelroot to work on hundreds of models of android phones. So you can root your age-old device with this rooting apk easily. This might not work on the latest devices, but we don’t think this is a big concern.

Download Towelroot APK Free Download

Before using the Towelroot app to root your device, you need to download it first. As it’s an apk so you won’t find this in the play store. So how do you download it?

Don’t worry. We’ll share the latest Towelroot V3 APK Downloadlink with you. But first, let’s talk about the downloading process.

  • In your device, go to the security option in settings.
  • As this is an apk, so you need to allow downloading permissions from “unknown sources.”
  • Now click here for Towelroot APK Free Download
  • After downloading properly, you need to install this apk on your device.
  • Open it after installing, and you’ll see a similar image on your screen.

Download Towelroot APK Free Download

How To Use Towelroot APK Step By Step Guide

If you could install the app perfectly, then congratulations! You’ve almost reached the part to root your device. Now it’s time to use this apk.

  • Open the app after installing.
  • You’ll see the “make it ra1n” option below the welcome message
  • Click on that.
  • Now, wait. Wait till the app does everything on its own to root your device. The app might take around 8-10 minutes to complete rooting.
  • After the work is done, you need to restart your android device.
  • Now, search “SuperSu” by going to the google play store.
  • Install this “SuperSu” app, and you need to check-mark all the permissions. At last, click on “Normal.”
  • And it’s finally done! You’ve rooted your device in just a few steps.

Things to Consider before Rooting

There are many reasons behind our root our android devices. Whether it’s to enjoy a custom or stock Rom to have the experience of the latest updates, there are certain drawbacks of rooting your android device.

So here are a few things that you should consider before rooting an android device-

  1. Rooting your android device can void the device warranty. So you can’t claim any warranty after rooting your device
  2. While rooting your device, always create a backup for your data like photos, videos, and other items. The reason being, rooting will remove everything from your device. So if you don’t keep the backup, you’ll lose them.
  3. Always keep more than 60% charge in your device while you attempt to root your device. If the battery percentage is low by any chance, it can force shut down your android phone. And it’ll stop the rooting in between.
  4. Lastly, no matter how easy the rooting process is, don’t attempt it without prior experience. If anything goes wrong in the rooting process, you can lose the data as well as the device. Your phone might freeze, and it might not open anymore!


The Towelroot APK is second to none or perfectly root your android phone. Its excellent user interface, compatibility, and availability have made it one of the best rooting apps for android devices.

If you’re tired of using the traditional rooting processes, you can surely give this apk a try. The rooting process will certainly give a better experience. So try out this rooting apk today with just one click and root your android device!

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