How to start planning for your holiday


It has been a long year for sun lovers and jet setters. With international travel all but halted for most people, dreaming of a holiday abroad has kept us going through lockdowns one, two, and three.

Whether you are a city break loving urban explorer or a beach babe who love whiling away the hours baking in the sun, you are probably already planning your next trip. Dreaming of the looks you will wear to bars and restaurants, prepping for the perfect tan or scouring through travel guides and plotting your trip on Google maps.

While we await an announcement on if, when, and where we can travel to this summer, it is a good time to get planning for your next holiday. It might feel hard to plan your trip before you know if you can go or not, but we have rounded up our guide on how to start planning for your holiday this year.

Get the essentials sorted

If you are planning to travel abroad, it is important that you get all the essentials sorted before you travel. This includes any visas you might need to travel, making sure your passport is in date and renewing it if it is not and anything else that you need when you travel.

Make all your travel arrangements

When we say travel arrangements, we do not just mean booking your flights, although that is probably the most vital arrangement you will make. Consider how you will get to the airport as well. Book transport either side of your flight well in advance so you do not have any delays on the day.

Take the safety advice seriously

Although the vaccine rollout is going well, we are still in a global pandemic and there will be safety precautions to follow when you travel. Remember to pack masks, hand sanitizer and to socially distance while travelling through an airport. It is important to get yourself tested before you fly too.

Consider an alternative staycation

It is important that you plan for the unexpected this year. As we have seen in the last 12 months, travel plans can be thrown into utter disarray at the drop of a hat. If you really want to get away from home, without having the added stress of not knowing if your holiday will go ahead, consider booking a staycation instead.

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