How to stop concrete from sweating?

Concrete sweating is a very common incident on concrete floors. Because of strong and durable concrete floor uers increased day after day. Concrete sweat occurs while warm air comes conduct to cooler concrete floors. If you want to know how to stop concrete from sweating? This article is perfect for you, here we discuss this topic in detail.

Sweating makes concrete floors damp and slippery. Damp surface comparatively  unhygienic and also dangerous. In the spring season, sweat floors more occur than in any season. There are different reasons to sweat concrete so before make a plan to stop sweat try to understand which reason most responsible.

Why does your concrete floor get wet?

While relatively warm or moist air entire the cold temperature concrete slab it’s turn over dewdrop. This dewdrop makes the surface wet and something may create misty concrete floors.

In the beverage industry concrete sweat in different causes. While outside cold beverage containers become warm in touch of inside warm air. It makes sweat on concrete floors, this incident more occurs in the summer day. Car temperature and indoor machinery temperature also create sweat on floor.

If concrete becomes wet regularly after a certain time it’s become darker look or efflorescence. Concrete is porous so that it absorbs moisture and when moisture becomes cool it travels back to the concrete. As a result, evaporate turn over white mineral deposits. This incident may occur in any time but in the spring season it’s more occur.

How to test for a sweating garage floors?

If you are confused about which area becomes wet make a test. It’s the very easy way and not requires a pro person. Select 16″ area and cover it with heavy plastic while concrete is dry. Wait until it’s become wet again, while see concrete is wet remove plastic carefully. If notice surrounding surface is wet and the plastic is dry it indicates sweating concrete floor.

Pull out plastic from concrete, if notice under plastic concrete is dry and surrounding concrete is much dry it indicates moisture problem of the slab. Find out concrete sweating using rubber mats or carpet on the wet concrete floor. If you notice under carpet area dry it indicates you have moisture problem on the floor.

How to stop concrete from sweating?

Stopping  the concrete floor from sweating quite challenging, because it related to physics condensation. Applying paint or sealer can’t prevent concrete sweating. Here some pro tips to stop concrete from sweating.

Dampness and humidity of the air is the main reason of concrete sweating. Try to stop or decrease the dampness and humidity of air in the room.

Proper air circulation decrease the sweating of concrete.  Air circulation is another important feature of stopping concrete sweating.

Cooler concrete creates more sweat so that try to maintain comparatively high temperature on concrete floors.

Use paint or concrete sealer it’s slightly reduce concrete sweat.

Let’s discuss in details:

Reducing moisture in the air much decrease concrete sweating. Normally spring season sweating incident most occurs so try to control the humidity level to keep an acceptable level in the spring season. Using a dehumidifier you may control the humidity of the air. Run a dehumidifier in the spring season, it’s greatly solved your problem. Normally 100-250 square foot room required 1500 ft² spaces or larger. Powerful dehumidifiers reduce moisture in the air quickly, but normal dehumidifiers required comparatively much time to reduce moisture.

Run fan to increase air circulation:

While large concrete surface not gets enough time to take rest it’s continuously sweating. Run fan to increase air circulation throughout  the floor. Powerful  fan like oscillating fan suitable to reduce sweat from the floor.

Warm your floor:

Sometimes not possible to run the fan or use dehumidifier in the room. In this situation, you may warm your room at a little cost. While room temperature cool it’s not able to reduce sweat. Warm your room to reduce the possibility of sweat.

Seal the concrete door:

It’s the final option of removing sweat from concrete. When you run a dehumidifier or fan in the room it’s not properly work if your room door not completely seal. So that ensures the door seal before applying the above tricks.


The concrete seal not prevent sweat, so not only depends on the concrete seal. Concrete seal work against efflorescence and give better result if compare with non-seal concrete floors. Hopefully, our above tricks keep your concrete floor free from sweating.