How to Unlock a Deadbolt Without a Key


Nothing is worse than loosing a deadbolt lock, and since you can’t just bypass the deadbolt mechanism to unlock the deadbolt, you need to have a reliable method for doing so. This tutorial will demonstrate keyless deadbolt unlocking. If you lose your key or forget your combination, you can unlock your deadbolt by carefully following these instructions. At, a sufficient Lock Picking Kit can be purchased.

How to unlock a deadbolt without a key?

Use bobby pins

Using two bobby pins is one of the most well-known methods for opening a deadbolt without a key. Start by placing a bobby pin’s closed “loop” side into the lock’s base. Move the second broken-in-half bobby pin back and forth along the top of the lock as you approach it. The deadbolt should unlock after this procedure sets the pin. You should take out and re-insert the first bobby pin if this doesn’t occur after a few minutes before continuing.

Use a screwdriver

Without a key, it is relatively easy to open the door with a screwdriver. Choose the lock that best suits your needs and place it in the tiny space between the door and the frame next to the handle or handles. Just place the tip of the screwdriver into the space between the bottom of the door and the floor while holding the tool in your right hand. Once you hear a click, turn counterclockwise. Reverse your direction clockwise until you hear another click. Open the door at last.

Use credit card

Deadbolts use a gear mechanism to lock doors. It probably won’t work if you want to use a credit card to open these locks. Spring latches are used by certain conventional door locks, nevertheless. A credit card is used to unlock the door by pushing the latch. But, if you lock it from inside the door or from your house, this step can be useful. When you slide a stiff enough credit card between the holes and attempt to push the latch back into the mechanism, the snap lock will release after a few more tries.

Call a locksmith

Contact a locksmith if the troubleshooting methods don’t work and you’re still outside the room. The Deadbolt can now be opened without the original key in one last stage. In actuality, deadbolts adhere to a fairly stiff locking mechanism that is challenging to get around. Correctly carrying out the aforementioned steps will assist in opening the door. Some methods need skill and patience, while others risk damaging the lock. Call a locksmith if you still need assistance picking a lock. These experts have the equipment needed to quickly open the door with little to no harm done to the deadbolt.

That concludes our detailed explanation of how to open a deadbolt without a key; to learn more about how to pick a lock, visit to browse our collection of Lock Picking.

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