Important Things to Consider When Designing Business Flyers

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How many business flyers do you walk past each day? You see them posted in stores, coffee shops, and in various places around town.

You probably walk past most of them

What if you need to learn how to design a flyer for your own business? Will people walk past yours or will they stop to look at it further?

The average response rate for business flyers ranges between two and three percent. You need to distribute thousands of flyers or increase the response rate to make the investment worthwhile.

What you really need is to learn the top design tips to make your business flyers get attention right away.

Read on to learn the top tips for designing a flyer.

Get the Branding Right

A brand is the central point in all small business marketing efforts. You need to make sure that your brand is defined and consistent across marketing channels.

Getting the branding right isn’t about slapping your logo on the business flyer. A brand is the voice of your business that gets summed up in one or two words.

Your brand is like a personality, whether it’s fun, exciting, playful, secure, or powerful.

Make sure you know what your brand is about before designing a flyer.

Write a Captivating Headline

Business flyers that get attention have a big headline at the top of the design. This speaks to your target audience’s main problem.

The size of the headline captures attention. The content of the headline connects with the reader.

For example, a cleaning company’s headline can address how much time a person saves by hiring them.

Draft about 20 headlines. You’ll improve as you write more. Pick the best headline out of the bunch.

Use Images and Words

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when learning how to design a flyer is to make the flyer text heavy. No one will read your flyer.

They’ll scan headlines and visit your website. Your business flyer should have a wall of text. Get the point across using images or infographics.

Use bullet points, bold lettering, and headlines to make sure that the content is easy to read.

Use a Design Tool

How can you put images and words together into a simple business flyer design? Use an image editing tool like Adobe Photoshop.

There’s a learning curve, but learn about Photoshop tools, you can apply your skills to any image. You can use it to edit product images, and design business flyers, and social media posts.

Use Business Flyers in Small Business Marketing

What’s the most important thing when designing a flyer? Readability

Be sure to have a compelling headline that captures people’s attention. Business flyers should have a mix of images and text to make the design easy to read and understand. An image design tool helps you put everything together.

You’ll get great results from your small business marketing because you just learned how to design a flyer.

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