Infographic: 8 Crucial Steps to Follow to Survive a Mass Shooting

The information provided here is only to be considered for general help and guidance only. Always seek professional help and guidance to to prepare for any situation and during any type of unsafe incident.

The Las Vegas shooting incident is one of the worst mass shootings in the United States, waking up everyone around the world. It has united people and got many wondering: What if it will happen to them, too? What will they do?

Now that’s a good question!

While people may feel like they know exactly what to do, chances are they might end up freezing, especially without the proper knowledge. That’s why it’s imperative for them to stay prepared for the worst, ensuring that they’ve got the proper knowledge and become aware of what to do to escape safely and successfully.

Protection from Mass Shootings

These tips are crucial to follow to stay calm and prepared throughout the entire incident. That way, you won’t get hurt or injured during a shootout. It pays to be prepared!

  1. The first priority is to run away from the area, as far as you can. Look for all escape routes in the building, planning two or more. Run away from places where you can hear any gunfire.
  2. React as quickly as you can. Do not freeze up or think. Just find the nearest escape route and take off things that would slow you down (like heels), running when you hear any shots. Don’t bother with your belongings, as they won’t save your life! Forget all of what you have with you and run. It’s possible to get it all back after the incident, rather than wasting precious seconds packing up.
  3. Run to the exits directly, do not zigzag or bend while running, which slows you down, UNLESS you are avoiding the shooter.
  4. Bring people with you and encourage them to escape. Drag people if they cannot move. This is a priority, as much as saving yourself! Plus, the harder it will be for the shooter to target a group. Make sure that you save as many people as you can while trying to escape.
  5. If you cannot find any exit near you, then the next thing to do is to hide in any nearby room and take cover. While you are hiding, call your town’s emergency number then lock and barricade all entries of the room you’re in. Grab anything you can use as a weapon, just in case. But attacking the shooter is your last resort.
  6. When in a room, turn off all the lights to prevent the shooter from going inside the room, which increases the chicness of surviving the ordeal. When the shooter is near, get out of the area near the door and take cover. Avoid staying near windows as well.
  7. When looking for cover, hide in areas that would stop a bullet, like support beams, thick trees, or a concrete wall. If you’re in the building, hide in heavy cabinets and desks which do NOT restrict your movement, if you need to escape. While you hide, turn off devices that make any noise, like your phone or watch. Stay calm and collected while in your hiding place, which lessens the chances of shooters finding you.
  8. The last resort is to play dead if ever the shooter enters the room. But once the shooter catches you moving, then there is no more choice but to attack. Do NOT bother reasoning out, attacking with any heavy or sharp objects. Commit yourself to being aggressive and fighting until you get the weapon out of the shooter’s hands or once he is heavily injured.

Dealing with the Aftermath

Now that you are knowledgeable about how to defend yourself, what happens after that?

The aftermath can come with trauma, which requires proper coping mechanisms to avoid any stress or anxiety. Here are some ways to help move on from the incident.

Talk About It

It’s best to validate what you feel. Get support from your loved ones and counselors, who will give the reassurance you need. Talking to people who have experienced the same thing can help feel better. Sometimes you can end up going down the black hole of wondering why it happened, when it did. Especially if it occurred somewhere where there is a lot of security present like a school. If the incident took place in a gun-free zone you can end up wondering exactly what went wrong. Even though there is a lot of talk regarding whether a gun-free zone actually makes anyone safer. The point is – you’d be better off talking to people as soon as possible rather than dwelling on what has passed.

Take Breaks

There will be a lot of news and stories about what had happened. While it’s nice to stay informed, it’s best to lessen watching the news to prevent stress. It’s better for victims to distract themselves and take a break from work or social media, if needed

Taking Care of Yourself and Other People

It’s better for peoploe to engage in healthier habits and behaviors, as this can help them cope. Have a healthy diet, get much-needed rest, and maybe start exercising. Avoid any triggers or things that cause pain, opting for relaxation techniques and joining charities and organizations to keep yourself busy and fulfilled.

Prevent Shooting Incidents

To avoid anything like this happening from your area, then you should also know how to prevent it as well. Here are some tips you can follow:

Report Any Suspicious Activity

If you see anyone acting suspicious, then do not hesitate and report them to the nearest security. If you hear anyone planning a shooting, report it as well.

Stay Aware Of the Place’s Lockdown Procedures

Become knowledgeable about the building’s evacuation procedures, as well as what would happen during a lockdown. Join seminars and events about shooting incidents and learn your way around buildings you are usually in.

Prepare Yourself for Shootings

Always prepare yourself for what may happen, which includes improving your strength and endurance while doing so. Try out self-defense classes or keep a gun at home for protection.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this article on how to protect yourself during mass shootings helped you become more knowledgeable about what you need to do. It isn’t just about surviving the mass shooting, but for you to also find the better place in your life to cope with tragedies like this one.