Interesting Facts About Michigan

This beautiful northern state has access to the great lakes, has a rich automotive industry and a few other interesting facts you will be surprised to learn.

Detroit is known as the car capital of the world.

Rogers City boasts the world's largest limestone quarry

Colon is home to the world's largest manufacture of magic supplies

Michigan is called the Wolverine State there are no longer any wolverines in MichiganA sad tale now that they are all gone.

Michigan ranks first in state boat registrations

The Packard Motor Company manufactured the first air-conditioned car in 1939

The oldest county is Wayne in 1815

Sault Ste. Marie was founded by Father Jacques Marquette in 1668

Sault Ste. Marie was settled by Native Americans over 500 years ago and was used for fishing and trading of tribes around the Great Lakes. It developed as the first European settlement in the area in 1668.  Father Jacques Marquette was a French Jesuit who learned of the Native American village and traveled there to found a Catholic mission. 

The University of Michigan was established in 1817

The Petoskey is the official stone of Michigan's stateA Petoskey stone is a rock and a fosil that is often pebble shaped and comprised of fossilized coral.

The Mackinac Bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world

Gerald R. Ford grew up in Grand Rapids and became the 38th president of the United States

The Kellogg Company has made Battle Creek the Cereal Capital of the World

The painted turtle is Michigan's state reptile

The Detroit Zoo was the first zoo in America