Investing in American Hartford Gold – Is This Company Right for You?

American Hartford Gold is a family-owned business that assists individuals and families in diversifying their investment portfolio by adding precious metals to it. Their product offerings range from physical silver, gold, platinum coins, and bars to their own version of a gold IRA.

This company offers a comprehensive suite of investment services and guidance to clients to enable them to make informed decisions. So, they uphold client privacy and confidentiality – but are they right for you?

IRA Services

American Hartford Gold (or AHG) provides IRA services that make investing in gold, silver, and platinum easy. Their customers can buy and sell precious metals as well as rollover 401(k) and IRA accounts, but also provide storage solutions for their clients’ investments.

American Hartford offers one of the lowest investment requirements for gold IRAs, along with free delivery and a low startup and transfer fee. They waive insurance, storage, and management fees for the first year to reduce account maintenance costs.

A gold IRA is a tax-favored savings account that encourages investors to save for retirement. According to this site:, it is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and get tax breaks on investment income. Although not required, many IRA holders opt to invest in gold. Thus, it is essential to understand the various IRA services that are offered.

IRAs are an excellent way to invest in precious metals and provide a secure haven for your money. But it is important that the IRA you select has the correct fees and other costs associated with it. To determine the fees and charges associated with an IRA, read its terms and conditions carefully. Doing this will give you a good estimate of how much you will have to pay per service.

Another way to determine the costs of an IRA is by reading their customer reviews for yourself and comparing them to other companies you may want to go with. These will give you an estimate of what other customers are paying for each service and their experiences with it.

From a quick Google search, they seem to be a reliable precious metals dealer with numerous positive reviews from both current and past customers. Their president Scott Gerlis boasts over two decades of experience in the industry, proud to carry on his family’s tradition with numismatics.

IRA Services

Buyback Program

AHG’s Buyback Program enables customers to sell their bullion at no additional cost as part of an expeditious three-step liquidation process, which you can learn about here. Clients can select from a wide range of physical gold and silver products, such as bars and coins, and can store their assets in an off-site depository until it is time for liquidation.

The firm’s customer service staff is available 24/7 to answer questions and provide expert market analysis and their gold and silver IRA accounts offer one of the lowest minimums in the industry, making them perfect for cautious investors looking to add long-term “store of value” investments to their retirement plans. On top of that, its services are user-friendly and straightforward to set up.

To open an account with AHG, you can visit their website or call customer service to speak to a representative, as they will know more for sure. They will explain the process to you and assist in selecting products that meet your objectives and can answer questions about pricing and shipping options as well that may not be available on their website or in-print.

Storage Options

AHG offers customers a range of storage solutions for their precious metals, which includes both physical and electronic storage through third-party depositories. Some customers choose to order bullion directly from the company and have it delivered directly to their homes.

The company provides secure, insured storage of your precious metals through highly rated and IRS-compliant custodians such as Brink’s Global Services, Delaware Depository Service and IDS (International Depository Services).

They offer IRA storage to save you money on fees and take advantage of their “Buyback Commitment” (as detailed above) which allows you to sell back your gold and silver at the end of the term without paying extra for liquidation. This is great news for those who may need access to their metals in the future but don’t want to lose out on their investments’ worth.

AHG stands out among IRA storage companies by not having minimum investment requirements. You can invest as little as $100 a month to begin building your portfolio or choose to invest a certain amount all at once or set up a monthly payment plan for more flexibility in diversifying your retirement funds.

This company also seems to have quite a knowledgeable customer support representative team full of knowledgeable employees who are in the know about the industry and can offer expert advice for making informed purchases.

Customer Service

Customer Service

As written above previously, AHG strives to deliver superior customer service with a focus on trust and integrity. They strive to offer an all-inclusive experience that both new and veteran investors will value.

Their team of knowledgeable precious metal specialists is committed to helping their clients achieve financial security through asset diversification with gold and silver. They provide customers with the most dependable information and resources in the industry.

They are a BBB-accredited company that strives to educate and protect clients’ wealth through sound retirement planning. They have earned an excellent reputation for providing an unbeatable experience with no hidden fees or charges.

Customers who purchase physical metals have the option to store them at one of AHG’s many depository locations across the nation, or even one of their own choosing. Upon request, they can even arrange to have your coins and bars shipped directly to your home address.

American Hartford Gold account representatives provide support throughout the entire startup and transfer process to answer clients’ questions and ensure they make informed decisions when buying or selling precious metals. They host monthly conference calls where experts share specialized market insights and update clients on their investments.

Precious metals are generally seen as a “safe haven” asset and are expected to increase in value over time. However, they also come with risks. Therefore, it is essential that investors take necessary precautions and consult with an accredited professional before investing. Remember that past performance does not guarantee similar outcomes in the future.