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Dental checkups are recommended roughly every six months, including an exam, thorough cleaning, and possibly x-rays. During the exam, there can be findings indicating more extensive dental work needs to be done.

If you have the work done at this stage, it can save further damage in the future and even greater expense, but what if you don’t have insurance and can’t afford the price point at this time? Should you take a personal loan for tannlegebehandling or use credit cards?

Prioritizing your dental wellness will not only mean continued health of your teeth and gums but prevent a worsening condition from affecting general health. Mouth health directly correlates with the overall well-being of the rest of the body.

With a personal loan or credit card, the funds are available so the work can be performed quickly instead of waiting however long it might take to build up savings to pay for the treatments. Consider these suggestions regarding financing for dental treatments.

Should You Get A Loan For Dental Treatment

At some point, everyone goes for a checkup with the dentist and finds out they need to have some treatment, whether they’re developing periodontal disease, perhaps broke a tooth they’re unaware of, or maybe have a few cavities that require significant work.

If you don’t have dental insurance, the first thought is how to afford anything the dentist might want to do. Fortunately, there is dental financing via loans that will pay for the cost of treatment.

You can get a personal loan from a financial institution, finance through your dental provider, or research online dental platforms. These make it possible to get the services you need sooner rather than later to avoid a worsening condition.

You can then better manage the cost, set in manageable monthly installments.

Why should you get a loan for your oral health? Not only does mouth wellness correlate with overall general health, but being able to smile and feel confident in that smile establishes self-esteem.

When you feel self-assured, those around you can feel your vibe, they see your friendly, inviting personality, and it’s contagious. You only get that one chance to make a first impression; a smile can do it perfectly.

How Can You Get A Dental Loan

Some dental clinics will offer financing through third-party institutions. In contrast, others will point you in the direction of online dental lender platforms, but it is optional to use a specific dental loan product. Learn about financing plans at

It’s also quite acceptable to go to a traditional financial institution to get a personal loan for dental work, or you can get credit card financing, where you pay for the treatment and then repay the balance.

These can be better options if you know the cost of the service so you know the amount you’ll need to borrow. Some things to take into consideration when making a choice include the following:

The amount of time for disbursement

The dentist could encourage the treatment to be taken care of relatively quickly; perhaps the issue has gone on a bit longer than anticipated and needs to be handled immediately. If that’s the case, your time will be limited in waiting for certain loan products to get approved and disbursed.

Traditional unsecured personal loans can often be approved relatively quickly, with disbursement soon following the approval into your banking account.

If you have roughly a week to schedule your appointment, a personal lender could have the funds available, making this enough time for everything to work out seamlessly.

It’s suggested a dental credit card can be readily funded within “as soon as an hour,” making them the ideal product for emergency situations. It’s unclear if a credit check or any criteria need to be met before these are automatically funded.

The interest rates can vary widely based on your creditworthiness

With a personal loan, interest rates can range as low as in the single digits but can soar as high as 36 percent, depending on your creditworthiness. The dental credit card will start with a high-interest rate.

If the work being performed is extensive, the dental credit card will be more expensive than the personal loan. Also, with a personal loan, usually, the rate is fixed with set monthly installment amounts and a determined duration for the loan.

The credit score criteria

With some dental financing options and online dental lenders, there’s no requirement for a credit check, but others do need to have this. A credit score will determine whether you meet the loan criteria and what the interest rate will ultimately be on a personal dental loan.

Once you know the cost of your dental work, it’s wise to compare lenders and prequalify with as many as possible to find competitive rates. Prequalifying doesn’t affect credit since these result in a soft credit pull vs. a hard pull for a formal loan application.

How long will the term be

Loan terms are a critical component of the loan product. This is the amount of time you have to repay the balance. You could get a no-interest, 12-month credit card option or a fixed-interest personal loan, but how do you know which will be better with your budget, lifestyle, and income?

After that 12-month interest-free period with the credit card, if you don’t have the balance repaid, a standard interest rate will kick in, and sometimes that interest will retroact back to the date the card was activated. That could create a more significant expense than a personal loan.

You could also opt for a shorter-term loan in order to get the treatment balance paid back quickly, but how will that more extensive monthly installment affect your other monthly obligations? You don’t want to get yourself in a situation where you miss a repayment or affect your overall financial health.


What about individuals with bad credit

In some cases, dental providers will provide in-house payment plans for patients who need extensive dental work that needs to be taken care of immediately.

Again, there are personal loans from traditional financial institutions for individuals with less-than-favorable credit, and there are online platforms that approve applicants with poor scores.

You shouldn’t avoid dental issues because you don’t believe you can pay for adequate treatment.

There are plenty of programs and loan products for those with credit and financial issues meant to work with their particular circumstances so they can get the procedures they need. Go here for lower-cost dental programs.

Final Thought

Dental insurance is not something everyone has. In fact, many people are without coverage. Most know when going for a checkup, if an issue crops up, there will need to be some sort of financing to help them take care of paying for the treatments.

While these procedures are expensive, prioritizing your dental wellness is essential. It’s not only about keeping your teeth and gums in optimum condition but maintaining overall general health since these correlate.

Plus, who doesn’t want to give the world their biggest, most brilliant smile? It’s the ideal way to make new friends and brighten everyone’s day.

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