Is flex belt a scam or real

What are flex belts ? There are several types of Neoprene. This is a wide strip of neoprene – the material from which diving suits, covers for car seats and orthopedic bandages are made. This belt should be worn during exercise to sweat more.

With vibration. This is a belt with a vibratory massager and a control panel. It is used separately from training.

With myostimulation (EMS). This is a belt with a fixed myostimulator – a gadget that sends micropulses of current for additional muscle contraction. These can be worn during training or separately from it.

Does slimming belt speed up fat splitting at the waist :

In a natural way – through diet and exercise – fat cannot go locally. It is evenly split throughout the body to provide the body with energy. On the stomach and hips it lasts longer, because nature provides fat depots there.

The only option for local fat burning is injection of Local fat treatments: classification proposal of special substances, such as methylxanthines, thyroid hormone analogues or selective alpha-2 adrenergic blockers. 

These drugs trigger a cascade of reactions for the breakdown of fats, regardless of what happens in the body as a whole. Local destruction of fat cells and liposuction, the removal of fat, are also used.

Without gross intervention in the body, it is impossible to accelerate the breakdown of fats in a certain place – regardless of the model of the belt and the type of training.

Does a weight loss belt help lose weight in general?

You can really lose a little more grams while training in the neoprene belt. However, this will be due to the Does Sweating Help You Burn More Calories? Water coming out with sweat. Moreover, the fuller the person, the more fluid will go from overheating the body.

Right after your workout, your weight will be less, but it will return as soon as you drink.

When it comes to calories, heat is not so effective for losing weight, especially in the long run. For example, in Bikram Yoga, ordinary asanas are performed in a room heated to 40 ° C. A study showed Bikram Yoga Training and Physical Fitness in Healthy Young Adults that 90 minutes of training burns only 330 kcal in women and 460 in men. You can lose as much by strolling for an hour and a half in normal weather.

Other scientists found that eight weeks of yoga sessions three times a week do not help The Effects of Bikram Yoga on Health: Critical Review and Clinical Trial Recommendations lose fat – except for older obese people.

At the same time, a belt with myostimulation can increase calorie expenditure. A study of the Effect of Neuromuscular Electrical Muscle Stimulation on Energy Expenditure in Healthy Adults confirmed that EMS increased energy expenditures by 3–11 kcal per hour, but the electrodes were located not only on the stomach, but also on the hips. But this is too small a result.

Vibration also sometimes increases the metabolic effect of bodyweight whole-body vibration in a 20-min exercise session: A crossover study using verified vibration stimulus calorie consumption – by an average of 20%, but you need to train on a vibration platform. It is difficult to predict how many extra calories the belt in which you watch TV will burn.

Does a slimming belt strengthen muscles :

The usual neoprene belt is not. Are you engaged in it or not, the load will be the same.

Regarding Vibration Belt, Research Effects of Whole Body Vibration Training on Muscle Strength and Sprint Performance in Sprint-Trained Athletes, Effects of Whole-Body Vibration Training on Bone-Free Lean Body Mass and Muscle Strength in Young Adults, Comparison of the Power Plate and Free Weight Exercises on Upper Body Muscular Endurance in College Age Subjects show that even training on a vibration platform does not affect muscle strength. Vibration only in the abdomen and without physical activity, apparently, will have zero effect.

But the belt with myostimulation can help, but the conclusions are mixed. One study, The Effects of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Training on Abdominal Strength, Endurance, and Selected Anthropometric Measures, showed that for eight weeks, EMS increased abdominal muscle endurance by 100% and reduced waist circumference by an average of 3.5 cm. Another in the same eight weeks did not find Effects of electrical muscle stimulation on body composition, muscle strength, and physical appearance of a significant effect of the procedure on weight, fat, waist, strength and muscle tone.

Does a slimming belt relieve cellulite :

Since the belt does not help to lose weight in a certain place, fat cells will not lose their reserves, which means that cellulite will not go away. The massage effect in some models in the future may somehow help, but this is inaccurate.

Studies show the Cellulite: An Evidence-Based Review that even deep hardware and manual massages do not always positively affect circles. Therefore, it is difficult to assess how useful a light massage from the belt.

Does the slimming belt detoxify : 

Since it increases perspiration, some manufacturers claim that the belt helps get rid of toxins in the body. However, can POPs be substantially popped out through sweat? their scanty amount disproportionate to what comes from the external environment. Therefore, it is practically impossible to get any significant effect in terms of toxins even in a sauna.

Should I buy a slimming belt :

It will not help you burn more calories or fat, it will not remove cellulite, and it will not eliminate toxins. If this is a model with myostimulation, it can increase the endurance of the abdominal muscles, but the opinions of scientists on this subject are mixed.

The belt will help to quickly lose weight due to water loss. This is useful, for example, if you want to get into the weight category for any competition. However, in this case, sometimes it is enough to arrange a training in warm clothes.