IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Review


The IWC collection is filled with a well-known and innovative race of timepieces which makes the brand a big-gun in the list of Top Swiss Manufactures all over the world. In this guide, we’ll be reviewing the Chronograph in the Ingenieur series, one of the most-famous and optimized IWC wristwatch series with a long-lasting history.

But first check, are these timepiece really worth-buying and worth-reviewing, One of the most-advanced series features highly-innovative versions of timepieces famous among watch enthusiasts all over the world is the IWC Ingenieur since 1955. The first Ingenieur was manufactured by a master watchmaker with a concept in the mind to build a timepiece highly protected as well as precised. The first timepiece in the range was launched with an enormous feature never seen before like anti-magnetic, shockproof, and waterproofness.

It was the reference 666, later one with the passage of years, many new designs in this range were manufactured, each time a more innovative version of IWC was seen. In 1989, Ingeneiuer 500,000 A/M was launched that beat the world record in antimagnetic features 3.7 million A/m.

In 2017 a high-tech timepiece with a digital perpetual calendar with a chronograph function was seen, which made many big-players silent. The round design was inspired by the first generation IWC Ingenieur. This timepiece was introduced in an 18-carat gold case and featured swiss certified chronograph.

Getting back to the main context let us review the chronograph version of Ingenieur…



Originally introduced in 2017, This timepiece is in fact one of the popular versions of Ingenieur featuring chronograph and perpetual date calendar. As the soft features of this timepiece is discussed earlier, but what are the technical features of this timepiece ?… this is what we are going to review.

This timepiece is based on an optimal precision-based caliber originally developed by IWC and certified by Swiss chronograph certification. All Swiss certified calibers are tested under extreme tests to ensure the reliability and precision of the movements but this timepiece performed better than enough.

Technical Features of this timepiece

  • CASE:

The case is made of pure 18k gold which over makes this timepiece a rich wristwatch. On the back of the case, there are featured engravings and you can observe the beating of its heart from the sapphire crystal. In fact, this context means the movement of its caliber. The crown has screwed to ensure the waterproofness and also to ensure an extreme level of fixings.

The case is available in 45mm of the case with a height of approximately 17 mm.

Overall timepiece reflects a bolder look specially designed for men with a more masculine look but suit as well as on a skinny person.

  • Movement

This wristwatch is powered by 89801 caliber a genuine IWC-manufactured movement. All movements manufactured at IWC are passed through different stages to ensure the reliability and functionality of the timepieces. This movement is based on automatic self-winding mechanism with more than 60 hours of power reserve.

This mechanism is composed of more than 450 individual components fine-tuned within a single case based on 51 jewels .

The 89000 is a family of high-class and optimal precision-based caliber also featured in this timepiece. The perpetual calendar is embedded over it that features digital month and date

  • Chronograph Function

Chronograph Function

The chronograph with hours minutes and seconds is seen in this timepiece. It is in fact the first timepiece with this type of extreme level of functionality. The lower chronometer features leap years also, this in fact extremely high-class timepiece, In addition to chronometers . two perpetual calender digital digits are featured. The date calendar on the 9 o’clock and the monthly calendar at 3 o’clock overall made this timepiece an all-in-one package.

  • Dial/Strap

The silver-plated dial when equipped with a black leather strap with alligator pattern and a case featuring gold plated look, Overall the timepiece is a royalistic version of IWC. The strap is designed with pure leather and with stainless steel clasp available in 22 mm of width.

The dial is coated with luminescent material to increase the legibility of the timepiece even in the dark.

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