Jim Lowe and His Hit “Green Door”


Introduction to Jim Lowe

Jim Lowe is an American singer-songwriter who is best known for the songs “Green Door,” “Talkin’ to the Blues” and “Four Walls.” He also has had a noted career as a disc jockey, sitting for WNEW AM and WNBC AM, both in New York.  He retired in the early 2000’s and presently resides in Southampton in New York.

Early life

Known for his breakthrough hit “Green Door” in the mid-50s music era, Jim Lowe was born in Springfield, Missouri on May 7, 1927. He graduated from the University of Missouri in Columbia. During the 1940’s and the 1950’s, the American singer-songwriter has been noted as one of the virtuosos in pop music. Aside from being a recording artist, he was also a disc jockey and radio host personality, best remembered for his stints on WNEW AM and WNBC AM.  Both radio stations were located in New York City. In 1953, Lowe wrote the song “Gambler’s Guitar” for the country and pop singer Rusty Draper. The song became Draper’s hit in 1953, selling over a million copies nationwide.

Jim Lowe’s success with “Green Door” and his later years

As a recording artist, Lowe came to prominence in November 1956 with his lone hit “Green Door.” Written by Marvin Moore and Bob Davie, “Green Door” registered on the national charts at #1, #5 on the R&B chart and crossed over in the UK Single chart at #8. The record sold over one million copies and gained a gold disc status.

The 77-year old Lowe retired in the music business around 2004. He resides in Southampton, New York. Lowe was presented with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the music industry.

Jim Lowe’s discography

Mercury Records ( June 1953)

  • A: Gambler’s Guitar
  • B: The Martins And The Coys

 (February 1954)

  • A: River Boat
  • B: Goodbye Little Sweetheart

(November 1956)

  • A: The Martins And The Coys
  • B: The Golden Goose Is Dead

Dot Records

(May 1955)

  • A: Close The Door
  • B: Nuevo Laredo

(Jul 1955)

  • A: Maybellene
  • B: Rene La Rue

(Oct 1955)

  • A: John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith
  • B: St. James Avenue

(Mar 1956)

  • A: Blue Suede Shoes
  • B: (Love Is) The $64,000 Question

(Jim Lowe with the High Fives, Jul 1956)

  • A: The Green Door
  • B: (The Story Of) The Little Man In Chinatown

(Nov 1956)

  • A: I Feel The Beat
  • B: By You, By You, By You

(Rainbow, 1957)

  • A1: Rainbow
  • A2: Love Ya
  • B1: The Crossing
  • B2: Honky Tonk Rock

(Apr 1957)

  • A: Four Walls
  • B: Talkin’ To The Blues

(Jul 1957)

  • A: From A Jack To A King
  • B: Slow Train


  • A: The Bright Light
  • B: Rock-A-Chicka

(Jan 1958)

  • A: The Lady From Johannesburg
  • B: Kewpie Doll

(Nov 1958)

  • A: Play Number Theven
  • B: Come Away From His Arms

(Jun 1959)

  • A: Without You
  • B: I’m Movin’ On

(Jan 1960)

  • A: He’ll Have To Go
  • B: (This Life Is Just A) Dress Rehearsal

(Mar 1960)

  • A: The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere
  • B: The Tomorrow That Never Came

(Jim Lowe With the High Fives, April 1965)

  • A: The Green Door

Jim Lowe

  • B: Four Walls

Decca Records

(Jan 1961)

  • A: That Do Make It Nice
  • B: Two Sides To Every Story

20th Century-Fox

(Dec 1963)

  • A: Hootenanny Granny
  • B: These Bones Gonna Rise Again

United Artists

(Jan 1967)

  • A: Blotsen Botten
  • B: Gamblers Guitar

Buddah Records

(May 1968)

  • A: Michael J. Pollard For President
  • B: The Ol’ Race Track

Signature Records


  • A: Green Door
  • B: San Francisco Bay

Gusto Records


  • A: Green Door
  • B: Talkin’ To The Blues

American Pie Records


  • A: The Green Door
  • B: Ginny Come Lately

Goldies Records

  • A: The Green Door

Jim Lowe

  • B: Four Walls
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