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So you’re in Orlando and you heard about the amazing Kennedy Space Centre. It’s an interesting and well-documented place to visit, not to mention that it’s a fun-packed experience for you and your family. Before you head on down there, take a look below at some helpful tips on where to go and what you should do there.

Why you should go there?

You will find that the Kennedy Space Center always makes it onto the list of the best things to do in Orlando, and for good reason. There is a lot of history about this center. Not only is it a museum, but it’s also an attraction for tourists all over the world that showcases the achievements made by NASA many years ago. It’s located just a few miles away from Cape Canaveral. In the 1950s, the Cape was chosen to be the primary and the ideal spot to launch rocket ships because of the close range of the area to the equator. So it’s no wonder that this site is one of the most important spots ever in American culture. All of that history with physical and visual evidence of it all happening right in front of your eyes is surreal.

Time to set up your plan

Now before you go there, you need to make sure that you’re ready for a big tour like this. You need to also plan your tours well, so learn a little more about the types of tours you can find or click here to browse Kennedy Space Centre tickets at Buying tickets online is the smart way to go because you’d get lots of good deals there too. Check how the parking areas are, and if you’re coming from out of town or abroad, then make sure you research the hotels in the area too. Let’s not forget about the restaurants and dining areas, if you’re spending the whole day there, you’re bound to go hungry!  At this point, it can be a good idea to consider the other activities and places you want to visit while in Orlando, too. For instance, if you book a hotel near Kennedy Space Centre, what other attractions are nearby that would make your trip extra special? You can take a look at this list of 51 things to do in Orlando, FL, for inspiration.

Try to write up your own itinerary for the trip, stating how long you want to stay there, and giving every place at a certain time so you don’t lose track. You should also buy a map or download one, knowing the area well would help greatly, so you don’t get lost if you decide to go without a guide. Also, make sure you know the working hours in the center, you don’t want to cut the tour short because you went there late! It wouldn’t hurt to research some of the FAQ’s about the place too. So if you are prepared, your trip would be much better.

What can you see there?

It’s a surprising thing that you could spend an entire day there and not run out of things to do, to get a better and more informative experience, ask to have a tour guide with you. There are a lot of attractions, tours, movies, and documentaries that are all included in the admission. The second you get inside the outdoor entrance area, you would find the Rocket Garden that showcases many different rockets from the NASA missions and tests. There’s the cool Astronaut Hall Of Fame area where you can learn about many of the famous ones, and if you’re lucky you could meet some of the legends themselves in the flesh! Don’t forget to check the Atlantis Space Shuttle area equipped with informative movies and game simulators that give you a taste of how it feels to operate one of these shuttles. There’s also the bus tour that would take you to the Apollo/Saturn V center, where you would learn and see the race towards going to the moon and to marvel at the largest rocket in history to fly in space! There are extra things that can be included in the tour too if you desire. You could see and feel how it is to be an astronaut through training courses, and you get to see the launch pads and assembly areas too. There’s also a very fun part where you could have a robot assistant and you both could work together to help build a Martian habitat. Every area you explore has movies and simulators to make your experience much more special.

astronaut through training courses

Kennedy Space Center is such a great place that you’ll remember it for the rest of your life. It’s an interesting, educational, and fun tour of a lot of great things related to space and Astronauts. So if you or your kids are spaced nuts, you’re going to enjoy every moment.

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