Key Points about Receiving NISS

If you are reading this, the matter of obtaining NISS in Portugal is relevant for you. Well, we have prepared only the most useful info and are about to cover the topic in the material below.

Let Us Start from the Very Beginning

NISS is a social security number in Portugal, and you get to obtain it only in case you have a job in this country. If you have an employer, he will do all the necessary work to get the number for you.

The whole idea behind NISS is this: once you have it, the social security contributions are going to be made on your behalf. Accordingly, you can count on getting help if you face some hardships in your life, for instance, when you are sick or lose your job. Therefore, it is hard to underestimate the importance of NISS.

Normally, those who plan to get NISS deal with applying for NIF before this.

Do not worry about the procedure of receiving NISS. If you possess the step-by-step instructions, you won’t come across any hardships.

How Important Is It to Receive NISS?

We have already outlined that having NISS can really help you in some difficult life situations. Here, we are going to be more specific about this.

Well, NISS is also introduced in order to support the families in Portugal. It can be especially relevant when the family is expecting a baby.

What is more, having NISS is going to be mandatory if you would like to take advantage of the Portuguese health system. In this case, you will be able to receive treatment without paying for this.

Besides, you can expect to receive assistance from the government in case some of your family members pass away.

Prepare All the Documents That Are Going to Be Necessary

First of all, if you plan to obtain NISS in Portugal, you should take care of getting all the proper docs ready. Here is the list of what you will have to prepare beforehand:

  • The application;
  • Passport and a visa;
  • Your NIF;
  • The contract with your employer if you have it.

Getting NISS is also going to be possible if you belong to the category of students. In this case, you will just have to provide proof of being enrolled in one of the Portuguese educational institutions, this is it. If you suggest it, you won’t face any problems.

What Is the Fastest Way to Receive NISS?

The most efficient option you can go for is to apply for NISS online. It is going to be the fastest variant possible and you won’t have to face as much effort as if you choose another way to get NISS.

Well, the only thing to remember about in this case is as follows: note that you will have to pay for this kind of services. However, it is a rather reasonable sum of money that will help you to avoid facing potential problems.

What is more, you are about to receive your NISS within five days in this case. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Is There any Difference between Receiving NISS for Freelancers and Employees?

Sure, the process is going to look a bit different in each case. Let’s consider it more thoroughly below.

We are about to start with covering the details for the freelancers. If you belong to them, you can choose from two options. The first one is to use the assistance of the company or a lawyer who will proceed with all the necessary actions. Everything will be done online and the only step you are about to complete is uploading your documents.

Here is the second way though: if you feel like you can do this stuff yourself without anybody’s help, you are welcome to act like this. To begin with, it is going to be necessary to visit the closest office of social security, fill in the application there and bring all the essential documents with you. Here’s an important note: normally, freelancers need half a year of tax contributions before they are able to apply for NISS. Do not forget about this.

If you are an employee in a certain company, you can rely on your employer as we have already stated above. But you’d better double-check that he will do all the necessary stuff to make sure everything is fine about this. Some people moving to Portugal are likely to face such a challenge: they want to get a job position and the employer asks them to suggest their NISS in order to sign the contract. And, you cannot receive NISS without a contract. Here is a way out the companies stick to in this case: they form a letter of intention that is going to be fine in order to get NISS. So, do not worry about the matter of receiving NISS if the contract is not signed yet: it is going to be real but more difficult yet.

If you have some further questions about obtaining NISS, feel free to ask the experts you plan to work with. Besides, you can consult the official representatives in the social security office if you plan to attend it. Do not hesitate to ask questions as long as you have the right to get answers to them.

Hope we have represented useful material and now, it will be easier for you to apply for NISS!