Kitchen Color Schemes You Should Try This Year

Renovating your kitchen can be a great way to start the year. But here’s where the dilemma arises: which color scheme should you go for? Or maybe you are interested in custom color cabinets?

There are different amazing color combinations you can have in your kitchen, ranging from classic white to even bolder shades like red or yellow. Basically, nothing is off-limits as long as you do it right and consider the overall space and design of your kitchen first.

If you want to change your kitchen’s color scheme but don’t know what the best options are, here are some ideas.

Purple and Beige

Purple brings a sense of peace to any space. It’s the color of lavender, and just by seeing it, you can almost smell the beautiful flowers.

Introducing some purple accents in your kitchen can make your cooking time more relaxing and fun. The color is associated with things like elegance, peace, and ambition. To achieve the best look, you can mix different purple shades with beige, adding more warmth to the room.

Whether you go for pale or rich purple, it doesn’t matter, because it pairs beautifully with beige. You just need to decide on the style you’re looking for: traditional or transitional.

Blue and White

For a quite classic and artsy look, you can go for white and blue elements. White has been part of almost all kitchens for decades, while blue is a great choice thanks to its peaceful and gorgeous look.

“Blue room ideas are perfectly suited to kitchens,” says Jennifer Ebert from Homes and Gardens. “It may be bold, but this deep blue tone is timeless and simple to use. This shade sits happily with other hues of the color for a harmonious, layered look and is beautifully offset with pale tones and warm neutrals, as well as stark white or black.”

Black, White, and Blonde Wood

You don’t have to go full bright or full dark with your kitchen. Instead, you can mix black and white while sprinkling the earthy wood color in it as well.

This color scheme will make your kitchen look modern and classic at the same time. It will feel welcoming, making you want to sit around the table with your friends for hours.

“The distressed blonde wood finish anchors the space and grounds the high-contrast kitchen color scheme,” say Jessica Bennett and Hannah Bruneman from Better Homes & Gardens. “White-tiled walls and marble countertops create continuity throughout. Brass cabinet hardware and fixtures add shine that brightens the dark kitchen cabinet paint color.”

White and Pink

At first, pink might not sound suitable for a kitchen, especially since we’re not used to seeing this color in most kitchens. However, 2023 brings this color back, so if you’re a fan and want to create a more feminine-looking cooking space, you can let your imagination fly.

If you pair pink and white, the space will not only look cute and have the power to put you in a good mood, but it will also be brighter.

White and pink create a space where you can relax after a long day. They make for a fun and entertaining combination that will attract both children and adults.

Brown Shades

One of the best ways to give the kitchen a more natural look and feel is by incorporating some brown elements. Brown has not been a favorite for kitchens, but things have changed in the past few years. People seem to fall in love with caramel hues, so we’re likely to see more of this in the future.

“We feel this tone is perfect for domestic spaces, such as kitchens and pantries, where you don’t want the color to be a protagonist,” says Artichoke founder Bruce Hodgson. “A client chose it for a recent project, and it works really well in rooms that don’t benefit from lots of natural light, as it manages to be warm and welcoming without overpowering.”

The Bottom Line

There are many options to choose from in terms of kitchen color schemes. So, whether you want to stick to something lighter or want to go with bolder colors, there is something for you out there. Check the combinations above and see if they suit your style.