Know About Ice Cream Cake Strain

There are multiple types and categories of marijuana strains. Each of the types serves a different function and is used by different people according to their preferences. These types include Sativa, Indica and hybrid that is the combination of both. The one we will discuss here is a hybrid strain and is one of the most famous strains ever.

People always keep looking for better buds that are according to their likeness and preference. If you are one of them, too, then you might want to read about this incredible strain.

Fascinating Flavor

You might have been having ice cream cakes since childhoods but having an Ice cream cake strain is not similar to that. But if you have been a fan of this flavor, you might enjoy this strain. You would love the fact that it is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain if you want to enjoy multiple flavours and effects all at once. It is a combination of 75% India and 25% Sativa produced by a cross of Wedding cake stains X Gelato 33.

It contains a THC potency of about 25%, not something you would usually find in strains. It certainly has substances that make this strain one of the ideal strains for smokers.

You not only get the taste of an ice cream cake from smoking this strain but can also enjoy multiple other flavours. The creamy vanilla essence, along with the mixture of sugar, retains its sweet taste even after you are done smoking.

Is Ice Cream Strain Helpful?

Well, as described earlier, it is a hybrid strain which means it has qualities of both Sativa and Indica. Though it is an Indica-dominant strain, you also get the effects of Sativa and others if you smoke it.

If you are looking to refresh yourself entirely and get away from all the worries of life for a few moments, then this strain can be the best escape. It can convert your brain’s depressed or stressed part into something wholly relaxed and sedated in no time at all.

You might also like how it relaxes the body and mind and makes you unable to feel and think stressful and problematic stuff of life. Every one of us keeps looking for escapes from this life so that we can become able to enjoy it a bit. This might be a perfect way to do so.

Benefits of this Strain

Various benefits of this ice cream cake strain have already been discussed earlier, but if we take a more in-depth look, there’s a lot more to it. This strain has been an enormous success across the globe because of its multiple body benefits.

For instance, it is known to be a good cure for insomnia as well as for other disorders. You may find this helpful in curing physical pains, including migraine, body aches and muscle soreness, etc.

The best thing about this strain is that it can take you back to the childhood days. Not just because of making you feel stress and tension free but also because of the added flavors and calories. There is no doubt that you would enjoy the rich flavours along with the reported effects of this strain immediately.

Especially for the Fans of Sweeter Buds

Everyone has personal preferences for the type of buds, strains or flavors they want to have. If you are one of those people who like sweeter flavours and enjoy the lasting impression of the bud even after smoking, then you should get your hands upon this one. You might buy its seeds through any dutch seeds shop.

This strain is a treat for the fans of sweeter and stronger buds. Thus, if you are looking to try something new and highly effective, then must try this ice cream cake strain and enjoy those old childhood days again. With mesmerizing effects and fascinating taste, I kind of believe that you would not want to shift to any other strain soon.

The Author

Ivan Kodinov