Latest Jio Prepaid Recharge Plans for Your Daily Internet Use

Reliance Jio is one of the largest telecom and network providers in India. Since its launches, Jio has offered unique recharge plans, which drastically increased the number of Jio users. Even today, there are many offers and recharge prepaid plans, which gives great options for Jio users. You can recharge your Jio number with these latest prepaid plans. Go through the blog and know what suits you the best.

1 Month Jio Recharge Plan

The most common recharge options are the monthly recharge plans, which are valid for 28 days. Jio gives three options for this. You can have a look at all the benefits and offers before recharge.

  1. Rs.199 Jio Recharge is valid for 28 days. This plan comes with 1.5GB internet data per day and 1000 FUP minutes.
  2. Rs. 249 Jio Recharge comes with 2GB daily internet usage with validity for 28 days. Voice call for Jio to Jio is unlimited and gives FUP minutes for Jio to non-Jio is for 1000 minutes.
  3. Rs. 349 Jio Recharge plan is an excellent recharge option that allows users to enjoy unlimited Jio to Jio calls with 1000 minutes between Jio and Non-Jio users. Users can use 3 GB of internet data daily.

2 Month Jio Recharge Plan

If you are a Jio user, you can easily choose to recharge your number with the recharge plans valid for 2 months. There are two options under this section, and you can enjoy benefits. These recharge packs come with Jio App complimentary subscription.

  1. Jio recharge of Rs. 399 is an excellent plan option for Jio users. It gives 1.5GB per day usage, and the validity goes on for 56 days or 2 months. You can use the unlimited Jio to Jio voice call and 100 daily SMS. If you call a non-Jio number, you can have 2000 free voice minutes.
  2. Rs. 444 Jio recharge gives 2GB of data balance for 56 days. The Jio to Jio voice call is unlimited, while for Jio to non-Jio, users can enjoy voice calls for 2000 minutes altogether. You can also send 100 messages per day.

3 Month Plan for Jio Number

For the Jio users, there are few 3-month recharge plans to enjoy voice calls, internet usage, and sending SMS. There are three options here for the users. You can compare the benefits and advantages of each plan and choose the best for you. Go through these Jio recharge plans for great three months of Jio benefits.

  1. Rs. 555 recharge plan is valid for 84 days orf 3 months. You can enjoy an allowance of 1.5GB daily data usage for around 3 months. You can also enjoy Jio to Jio free voice call, and you can call non-Jio numbers for free 3000 minutes till validity.
  2. The recharge option of Rs. 599 is another 3 months recharge plan, which could be a good option for you. There are many benefits, like 2GB per day, internet data, and 100 SMS per day. This comes with a complimentary subscription to Jio Apps.
  3. Rs. 549 is also a 3 month Jio recharge3 plan ideal for anyone looking for long term recharge. You can gain 6 GB internet Data valid for 84 days. Like the above two options, it also gives 3000 minutes for Jio to Non-Jio voice call.

Annual Long Term Jio Recharge Plan

For the long term, Jio number recharge, you can get plans valid for 365 days. It is an excellent option of recharge if you wish to escape monthly recharges. Also, opt for this when you are convinced that the plan covers all the benefits you need.

  1. There are great recharge plans for a yearlong validity. You can recharge with Rs.2121 for multiple benefits. The plan comes with daily 1.5GB internet data, which means that it gives 504GB in total. You will also get an unlimited voice call between two Jio numbers and Non-Jio FUP for 12000 minutes. Along with that, you can send 100 SMS daily and get a free subscription to Jio Apps.
  2. Rs.2599 Jio Recharge gives internet data for 2GB per day with an additional 10 GB. The validity is for 365 days and allows Non-Jio FUP of 12000 minutes. When you get the recharge done, you get a direct complimentary subscription for Jio Apps.
  3. If you get your Jio number recharged with Rs.4999, it is valid for 360 days with internet data of350GB. Along with this, you get a Non-Jio FUP of 12000 minutes.


Jio is one of the largest spread telecom networks in India. There are approximately 303 million active Jio users in the country. This network has seen the growth in the number of users since it entered the market. Primarily the plans and free voice calls were major attractive recharge plans. Even now, it continues to give excellent recharge plan options for all calling and data uses. So read the blog above to compare the latest Jio plans and packs.