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Some sports are frequently played such as football, baseball, and other similar sports. On the other hand, some sports are not played quite often, yet they bring the same level of interest for the players and fans. If you are also looking for a new fun physical activity other than the normal sports we all know, you should try out the different types of sports and games played with a Boomerang. This one object has so many games associated with it which can be played on any small ground as well. Meanwhile, if you want to find out the best casino australia, click the link. 

What is a Boomerang?

A boomerang is a curved stick that is thrown at a certain angle. Sometimes, it is thrown as an aim for hunting while other times, it is thrown as a sport where the boomerang returns back to the thrower. Primarily, it was used as a weapon in ancient times for hunting and warfare. Mainly, the use of a boomerang has been common among Aboriginal Australians. 

They did not only use it for hunting but it was also considered sacred in the different types of religious ceremonies as well. Today, Boomerangs have become less “holy” and “dangerous” as they are no longer used for hunting or religious processions. Several sports are now played with Boomerang which is why it is also considered as an ideal outdoor recreational activity

a woman with shoulder pain holding a boomerang in a field.

Sports Contests with Boomerangs

Several types of sports contests are played with Boomerang. However, proper safety equipment is considered essential if you want to have a safe sporting experience. This is because a boomerang spins at quite high speeds in a spiral motion. Without the use of proper gloves or facial equipment, it could hurt someone as well. Following are some of the sports played with boomerangs.

A wooden boomerang. 

Maximum Time Aloft

One of the most popular boomerang sports is Maximum Time Aloft. As the name suggests, one has to throw the boomerang in the air. The time for which the boomerang stays in the air is counted and the person who has the maximum time of boomerang in the air wins. Interestingly, one has to throw and then catch the boomerang on its way back for the air time to be counted. As per the United States Boomerang Association, there are certain rules which need to be followed in state-level competition. 

Firstly, the boomerang is not an ordinary one rather it is a special one made purposely challenging and much difficult to throw. Participants are allowed a total of 5 throws of which, 3 of the best ones are counted. However, in International competitions, the rules are even strict as the participants’ score is counted based on the 5 throws instead of one. Since a boomerang has the ability to stay in the air for quite a few minutes, it really becomes an interesting competition, particularly because the throwers have to catch the boomerang as well. 

In certain MTA events, there is a meter ring limit as well in which the boomerang has to be thrown and caught back. For example, in an MTA 100 event, the boomerang should be thrown and caught back within a ring of 50 meters of radius which allows for a maximum of 100 meters of space for the boomerang to stay up in the air. 

As of now, the record for Maximum Time Aloft for the longest duration of throw was 3 minutes and 49 seconds after which the boomerang was caught back. 

A person can easily turn their backyard into a playground after which playing with a boomerang is not going to be difficult. 

Different types of boomerang. 

Aussie Round

Quite a similar sport to the Maximum Time Aloft is the Aussie Round. However, it is a bit tough and considered as the test of boomeranging skills. Only the pros go for this sport because it requires a great amount of hard work and dedication to polish the throwing skills. In an Aussie Round game, the thrower throws the boomerang which should at least cross the 50-meter circle but come back right to the center of it. Throwers are allowed a total of 5 attempts at one time. 

This game is considered more challenging primarily because of the distance as well as the point calculation system. The points for this game are calculated based on distance, accuracy, and how well has the thrower caught the boomerang on its way back. Even if any one of the three is not good, the players lose significant points. This is why it is the most challenging boomerang sport. 

Australian Aboriginal boomerangs

The Accuracy Contest

Another important sport associated with a boomerang is the accuracy contest. This is one sport that only the pros can play. It requires consistent practice for a pretty long time before one becomes good at it. As the name suggests, this sport requires the throwers to throw the boomerang at a distance, and the closer it lands to the center of the ring, the higher points are awarded. Unlike the first game, in this one, the players do not have to catch the boomerang and it lands on the ground itself. 

There are 5 attempts provided to each player and in certain competitions, only the best throw is counted while in others, the top 3 or all 5 throws are counted. Just like MTA events, this one also has space limitations and two of the most popular ones are Accuracy 100 and Accuracy 50 each indicating the total diameter of the ring. 

3 different sport boomerangs. 

Consecutive Catch and Endurance

A simple yet time-consuming game is called a consecutive catch. The players are required to throw the boomerang and then catch it back. The points are awarded based on the number of consecutive catches. Once a player drops the catch, his or her turn is over. Since the priority is to have consecutive catches, the throwers don’t usually throw the boomerang with a great force. The event is not a timed one which is why it usually goes on very long. For beginners, this sport is a great way to improve your catching practice as well as get to know the game. This game can be played with kids too as they are not usually able to throw the boomerang at a very high pace. 

On the other hand, Endurance is a similar game but has a time limit the game as well. The players have to throw and catch the boomerang within a time limit of 5 minutes. The players undergo a little extra stress as well because there is a total of 5 minutes and maximum catches have to be made. 

Wooden Boomerang. 

Trick Catch Game

For those who really want a fun time with boomerang sports, the trick catch game is an interesting one. Although there isn’t any major competition associated with the trick catch game, yet it is a fun way to go around with boomerangs. The trick catch game means that the players should not just catch the boomerang right away. They should be catching them behind the back, between the feet, or in any other special way as well. 

On the other hand, the game doubling is also quite a similar one. The doubling game requires the players to throw two boomerangs at the same time and then catch them in a special way. The doubling game is even more challenging mainly because the two boomerangs don’t always return at the same speed and a person gets to catch one of them before the other. Nonetheless, a sequential catch can also grab the players a few extra points. 

Boomerang in Melbourne. 

Boomerang Juggling

One of the basic games anyone can play even in a small space is boomerang juggling. As the name suggests, boomerang juggling is a game where a person has to juggle two boomerangs. There is only one rule which is to have at least one boomerang up in the air at all times. This is a timed competition and the person who juggles the boomerangs for the longest wins the game. With the first juggle, the timer is started and as soon as one or both of the boomerangs fall on the ground, the timer is stopped. 


There are several boomerang sports one can play, be it amateur or professional. The games are meant for everyone! However, throwing a boomerang and then receiving it back accurately requires certain practice. The internet is full of such tutorials which makes it easy for anyone to learn it all from the comfort of their home. Boomerangs can be a great way to motivate your kids to play outdoors.

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