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Charlie Puth’s career is a fascinating tale of success in the modern music industry. With a unique blend of catchy melodies and impressive vocal skills, he has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. This article will explore the milestones of Charlie Puth’s career, highlighting his artistic evolution and the impact he has made in the world of music. From his breakout hit to his latest chart-toppers, we’ll look at how Puth’s distinct sound and genuine approach to songwriting have set him apart in a competitive industry.

The Early Life of Charlie Puth

Born on December 2, 1991, in Rumson, New Jersey, Charlie Puth showed an early affinity for music. His mother, a music teacher, played a pivotal role in nurturing his talent, introducing him to classical music and teaching him the piano at the tender age of four. This early exposure to music was instrumental in shaping his artistic sensibilities.

Growing up, Puth faced challenges, including a near-fatal dog bite incident at age two that left him with a permanently scarred eyebrow. However, these obstacles did not deter his musical aspirations. He attended the Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School, where his passion for music flourished. During his high school years, Puth participated in jazz ensembles and took part in a summer youth jazz ensemble at Count Basie Theatre’s Cool School in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Puth’s talent was undeniable, and by the age of 12, he was already writing and selling his own Christmas album titled “Have a Merry Charlie Christmas.” This early venture into songwriting and producing hinted at the remarkable career that was to unfold. His YouTube channel started in September 2009 and became a platform for him to showcase his musical abilities, covering a wide range of songs and eventually catching the attention of a broader audience.

Charlie Puth’s First Singles

Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth’s transition from an online sensation to a mainstream artist is a significant chapter in his musical journey. His early career was marked by a blend of talent and timely opportunities that catapulted him into the spotlight. The big break came when he signed with Atlantic Records in early 2015, a move that set the stage for his first major single and album releases.

Puth’s debut single, “Marvin Gaye,” featuring Meghan Trainor, was released in February 2015. This song, with its catchy tune and throwback vibe to the classic Motown sound, quickly resonated with audiences. It not only showcased Puth’s smooth vocal abilities but also his knack for creating engaging, memorable melodies. The track became a commercial success, topping charts in various countries and signaling the arrival of a new pop music sensation.

Following the success of his debut single, Puth’s first album, “Nine Track Mind,” was released in January 2016. This album was a showcase of his versatility as an artist, featuring a mix of pop, soul, and R&B influences. It included hits like “One Call Away” and “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” featuring Selena Gomez, which further cemented his status in the music industry. These songs not only received critical acclaim but also achieved significant commercial success, with “We Don’t Talk Anymore” becoming particularly popular globally.

Charlie Puth’s Second Album: “Voicenotes”

The release of Charlie Puth’s second album marked a pivotal moment in his career, showcasing his evolution as an artist and solidifying his place in the music industry. Titled “Voicenotes,” this album, released in May 2018, was a departure from the sound of his debut album, reflecting a more mature and refined musical style.

“Voicenotes” was heavily influenced by Puth’s personal experiences and musical inspirations. It featured a more sophisticated sound, with elements of funk, pop, and R&B, and was entirely produced by Puth himself. This creative control allowed him to craft a sound that was authentically his, resonating with his artistic vision and musical influences. The album’s lead single, “Attention,” became an instant hit, showcasing Puth’s ability to create catchy yet emotionally resonant music. The song’s success was followed by other popular tracks like “How Long” and “Done For Me,” featuring Kehlani, which further demonstrated his versatility as an artist.

“Voicenotes” received critical acclaim for its production quality and lyrical depth. It was seen as a significant step forward in Puth’s career, with critics praising his growth as a songwriter and producer. The album’s success was not just critical but also commercial, as it debuted at number 4 on the US Billboard 200 and received a Grammy nomination for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical.

Through “Voicenotes,” Puth established himself not just as a pop singer but as a multifaceted musician with a deep understanding of music production and songwriting. This album reflected his journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration, marking a new chapter in his career. 

Charlie Puth’s Third Album: “Charlie”


Charlie Puth’s artistic journey took a compelling turn with the release of his third studio album, “Charlie,” an endeavor that further showcased his evolution as a musician. This album marked a distinct shift in Puth’s musical direction, reflecting a deeper and more personal approach to his artistry.

Released after the success of “Voicenotes,” the third album diverged from the upbeat pop tracks that initially defined Puth’s career. Instead, it offered a more nuanced exploration of themes such as love, loss, and self-reflection. The lead single from this album set a new precedent, combining Puth’s signature melodic prowess with a more introspective lyrical style. This track, along with the rest of the album, illustrated Puth’s growing maturity as a songwriter and his ability to connect with his audience on a deeper level.

Critically, the album was well-received, with reviewers highlighting Puth’s growth as an artist and his skillful blend of various musical genres. The production quality of the album also received accolades, showcasing Puth’s evolving talent as a producer. It featured a mix of slower ballads and upbeat numbers, each song telling a story, reflecting Puth’s journey and experiences.

Commercially, the album enjoyed success, resonating with fans and charting internationally. It underscored Puth’s versatility and his knack for crafting songs that appeal to a broad audience while still maintaining a sense of personal authenticity.


Charlie Puth’s career trajectory from a YouTube sensation to a globally recognized musician is a narrative of relentless passion, evolving artistry, and continuous innovation. Each phase of his journey, from his initial viral hits to his latest studio album, has been marked by his commitment to authenticity and musical exploration. Puth’s ability to blend classic and contemporary sounds, coupled with his talent for poignant songwriting, has earned him a distinguished place in the modern music landscape.

His albums, each distinct in their style and expression, showcase not just his musical versatility but also his personal growth. Through his work, Puth has connected with audiences worldwide, offering them a blend of catchy melodies and deep, relatable lyrics.

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