Losing focus: college spending more on sports than on academics


Most of the time the students lose their focus on studies because there are a lot of activities going on in the colleges and this is the main reason why the students blame the college authorities for. 

It is very much seen all over the globe that the colleges often tend to spend more on their extra curricular activities like sports and music and dance rather than spending it on academics.

The colleges charge a lot of fees from the students and the reason they give is that they also focus on extra curricular activities along with the studies. This thing is really out of context and just to justify their high fees they attend to you and invest a lot of it in sports and other activities. 

It is obvious that the students need some kind of refreshment from the studies and it can be in the form of sports or dance or anything that they like but the thing that the colleges have to understand is that investing so much efforts and time and money in this extra curricular activities they should rather do it in academics. 

The students tend to lose a lot of focus because in many of the colleges these extracurricular activities are compulsory for the students to participate in and it is because of this reason that most of the students lose their focus on studies and it results in their bad performance in the examinations. 

In this article we are going to provide you some of the things that would provide you some help in homework or assignment help and would also help you and concentrate on your studies and focusing on them in a better way than before.

1. Make your priorities

The most effective solution of losing focus because colleges invest and focusing more on sports rather than their academics is setting your own priorities. If you set up your own priorities then nothing in the world can make you lose your focus on something that you really want. 

The only way that you will get some help in homework awesome assignment help is that you start prioritizing your work from this moment only. You should know what is important for you at this moment and you should act according to it only. 

If you feel that something is coming in between you and your goal then think of what is more important doing at this moment like at some time it might be important for you to just study and forget everything else but at some time it will also be important for you to focus on your health and sports rather than just studying and studying for long hours. 

It is your life and your schedule and no one can understand it better than yourself so the first thing that you should do in order to not lose focus from your studies is priorities your work.

2. Set a time table

Your parents were certainly not wrong when they used to constantly tell you to set a timetable and follow it. Well this is the thing that is going to provide you the most amount of assignment help our homework help. 

Setting a time table will divide equal amounts of time for different work and would make your life and your study more organized than you thought it would. Making a timetable is easy but following one is a really difficult task as one is not able to follow it for more than a month or a week or maybe some days in many cases. 

You have to make sure that the first time table that you are setting up is not very impractical. You have to understand that you are not going to change the day and fat nothing changes in a day everything needs time to change and you should start following a timetable that is not very harsh on you and goes by easily. 

Do not make very big changes like not using your phone for more than half an hour or sleeping before 10 p.m. all of these things photo not be of any use if you are completely opposite to that in fact you could try to reduce your time on phone by half an hour but not only to half an hour if you usually use it for 4 to 6 hours a day.

Also including some extra curricular activities in your timetable would also provide you a bit of refreshment that is very much required if you want to follow a particular time table.

3. Learn the art of saying “no”

You should learn to say no if you want to prioritize your work over others. If you are complaining that your college is investing a lot of money on sports rather than on academics and you are forced to take part in that and this reduces the time that you get to put in your studies then you should really take the time to say no. 

we are referring to it as an art because not everyone is good at it and only a few people can do it without sounding rude or harsh. You should politely tell people about your schedule and your priorities and in most of the cases they are going to understand it and in some cases they do not then you should go back to the first point that we have discussed and that is prioritizing your work. 

If someone is not accepting your priorities over there then it is better to leave them and move on ahead with your work.

4. Take help of your friends

Taking help of your friends or peers will provide you with a lot of assignment help and help in homework because your tears are the one that understands you the most and they also understand that what is the need of an hour and they can provide you a lot of help in understanding the concepts and learning them in an efficient manner. 

Peers can be a real boon if you find the good ones. They can help you in not getting the structure from your studies, it is most of the time that you and your peers have common interests and the more United you will be the more the college will be under pressure to take your opinions into consideration. 

peers can be really helpful in providing you assignment help by giving you their valuable ideas and opinions and the more ideas that you will get the finer your work will become (as in most of the cases, and it would work for you to if your case is not like ‘the too many cooks spoil the broth’ one)

5. Focus on your health.

It is really indescribable how healthy your body can support you in almost every aspect of your life. If you do not have a healthy body then you will find it difficult to even sit and meditate. 

Healthy mind and body is required very much if you want any kind of assignment help and homework help and if you want to increase your focus on your studies. This is a major reason why the government also invests so much in healthcare because it knows that the healthier a person will be, the better his or her productivity will be. You should focus on getting better hours of sleep. 

You should also be focused on having a balanced diet along with adequate intake of water or liquid because these are required very much by your body and if they are not supplied to your body in the proper amount then you would face difficulty in doing anything and everything. 

You should also focus a lot on meditating because meditation will improve the capacity of your brain to learn and remember facts and figures for a longer period of time and it is very much required if you want to score good in exams as many of the students tell that while studying 

they are good at it but when the time comes to write the answers in the examination they tend to forget everything and this happens because their mind is not capable of remembering the facts and figures for a longer period of time and its capacity can be increased through meditation. 

Meditation will also provide you a relief from all the hustle that you face as a student and it would provide you some moments to relax and then get on to your work in a better and efficient manner.

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