Love and Kisses and Their Momentary Disco Success

Introduction to Love & Kisses

Love and Kisses is the name of the disco group founded by French singer Alec Constandinos in 1977.  The group paraded a variety of male and female singers, and their self-titled debut album contained only a couple of songs which are considered the “double A side:”  “I Found Love (Now That I Found You)”/”Accidental Lover” that went to #1 on the dance charts.  Love and Kisses’ highest hit was “Thank God It’s Friday” which found itself on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1978.  The group released their final, least successful effort You Must Be Love in 1979 before disbanding for good.

Short career summary of Love & Kisses

The 70s music act Love & Kisses was a Euro-disco band formed by the French singer Alec Constandino in London, England in 1977. Constandino initially found recognition by working on the album Love In C Minor of the French musician Cerrone in 1976. Love & Kisses was a combination of male and female members which grabbed the attention of the club-goers during the 1970’s.

“I Found Love (Now That I Have Found You)”

The following year, Constandino subsequently worked on Love & KIsses’ self-titled debut album, featuring “I Found Love (Now That I Have Found You)” b/w “Accidental Lover.” The A-side became a big hit; “I Found Love (Now That I Have Found You)” enjoyed its stay at the #1 spot for three weeks on the Billboard’s Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. Penned by Constandinos, it was released on Casablanca Records and included on Disco Nights Vol. 3: The Best of Euro Disco cd.

“Thank God It’s Friday”Love & Kisses’ biggest hit

In 1978, Love & Kisses’ sophomore album How Much, How Much I Love You was released where the title track and the b-side “Beauty and the Beast” entered the Top 5 of the disco chart. Not long thereafter, they made a breakthrough success with their biggest hit “Thank God It’s Friday.” It was a chart-topper on Billboards’ Disco chart and crossed over to R&B and pop charts at #23 and #22 respectively. The group also used “Thank God It’s Friday” as a theme song for the film of the same name.

In 1979, Love & KIsses issued their third and last album You Must Be Loved but it made no significant chart action. After that, the group disbanded for good.

Love  & Kisses’ discography (the list may be impartial)

Casablanca Records

  • Love and Kisses (1977)
  • How Much I Love You (1978)
  • You Must Be Love (1979)
  • Bap Bap/Right Here In My World (12 inch and 7 inch single, 1982)