Low alcohol drinks: The new trend in health that doesn’t compromise taste


Are you after great taste but without the high alcohol content? Then you may want to try out some low-alcohol options.

Rising in popularity, there are many options for those wanting to lower their alcohol consumption without entirely giving it up. Whether you’re the designated driver or just want to be a bit more conscious of your alcohol intake, the option of lower alcohol beverages means you can still enjoy a refreshing drink while out with friends.

Lower alcohol beverages

With low alcohol or non-alcoholic spirits, beers and wines, it’s now easier than ever to enjoy a few drinks without worrying about the headache the next morning.

As people continue to be more mindful of their health and drinking habits, consumers want great quality drink options without having to compromise on their health or wellbeing, and beverage producers have had to meet the call.

Low alcohol drinks have come a long way and today, there is a wide range of offerings. From ready to drink low alcoholic options to mixers for creating delicious cocktails (or mocktails), many top brands are now offering low alcohol options.

There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a wine drinker or beer lover. For beverage distributors, adding low alcohol drinks to your lineup gives your customers more options.

Low alcohol wines generally contain between 3 – 7%, more than halving their ABV without compromising on flavour, while many low alcohol craft beers have an ABV as low as 0.5%. Not to be forgotten are the completely alcohol-free options across beer, wine and spirits. Just because you want to cut back, doesn’t mean you should have to drink something boring.

Low alcohol wine

Wineries around the world have started producing naturally lighter wines, with lower alcohol levels to meet the increasing demand.

Low alcohol wines are made to taste just like their standard counterparts, so you don’t need to miss out on your favourite flavours. Whether you prefer a Chardonnay, Sauv Blanc, Pinot Noir or Rose, there are low alcohol wines for all preferences.

Alcohol generally adds richness and structure to a wine, but thanks to new technological advances, winemakers can produce low alcohol or non-alcoholic wines that still provide the rich flavour that wine drinkers love.

Some low alcohol wines can have higher sugar content, making them perfect for summer when you want something slightly lighter and sweeter.

Pairing well with your favourite meals, you can still enjoy a delicious wine with dinner, but a low alcohol version will make it guilt-free, especially if you finish off a whole bottle.  If you are interested to learn more about this, you may read our article, Can Lower Alcohol Wines Elevate Your Drinking Experience Without the Buzz?

Low alcohol beer

There were previously not many options when it came to a low alcohol beer that tastes like real beer, but low alcohol and alcohol-free beer has increased in popularity in recent years, in part thanks to the new varieties offered by some of the best beer brands on the market.

Breweries have put in more time and effort to perfect their non-alcoholic and low alcohol beers to create brews that taste just as good as a full-strength option.

Major brands including Coopers, Peroni, Heineken and Carlton produce a range of beers with little to no alcohol.

A bit lighter in flavour than full-strength beer, but still with the delicious taste beer drinkers love, the latest low alcohol beers mean you can still enjoy a refreshing glass, even if you’re trying to cut back. Read this guide to learn more about alcohol content and how it affects the beer’s taste and strength.

Low alcohol spirits

Only a few years ago the first low alcoholic drink option appeared on the market, but the demand quickly grew. There is now a great range of alcohol-free spirits that look and taste just like the real thing, perfect for drinking straight or making cocktails that everyone can enjoy.

Alcohol heightens the flavours in spirits as well as extends the shelf life, but distillers have found a way to produce low alcohol spirits that still maintain a delicious flavour.

Seedlip crafted the world’s first triple-distilled, non-alcoholic spirits. They are just one of the top brands, alongside Ceders and Lyre’s, dedicated to creating the ultimate drink for those who don’t want alcohol, but still want to enjoy a delicious beverage.

Low alcohol spirits are being used in more and more venues to create delicious cocktails that don’t compromise on flavour, but allow people to drink in moderation and remain conscious of their alcohol intake.

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