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A woman’s hair is one of the most important accessories she can have. It can make or break any outfit, and it can even change the way she feels about herself. Therefore, it is no wonder that so many women are looking for the best hair bundles to help them achieve the perfect look.

If you are one of those women, you have come to the right place. Luvmehair is a leading supplier of hair extensions and hair bundles, and we offer a wide variety of products to suit every need and budget. In this blog, we will share hair bundles, and how it can change hair look.

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What are human hair bundles?

Human hair bundles are the strands of hair that are attached to the root of a person’s hair. They are normally made up of small, individual hairs.

Human hair bundles can be used for various purposes including headband wigs, extensions and weaves. These  bundles can also be used for medical purposes such as transplants and medical procedures. A bundle of hair is a single weft hair extension piece that weighs 3.5 oz or 100 grams. The length of bundles ranges from 10″ – 32″, but celebrities are seen wearing them as long as 40″. 

Advantages of wearing human hair bundles:

Wearing human hair bundles is an inexpensive alternative to expensive wigs and weaves. There are many advantages of wearing human hair bundles:

  • They can be styled in any way you want and looks natural.
  • They are reusable for a long time and can be washed with shampoo and conditioner to keep them hygienic. It can be washed, combed and styled as you like without losing its shape, which makes it easy for you to use and store.
  • The price is much lower than other hair extensions, which also lasts longer than synthetic hair extensions because they don’t lose their shape or texture over time like synthetics do.
  • It is much safer than wearing synthetic hair extensions because they are made from human hair, so they won’t damage your real hair as much as synthetic ones do when you wear them over the same period of time that you wear your real hair extensions (which is usually not recommended).

Difference between weave and bundles:

Bundles are available as individual items or as part of a pack, that includes multiple items. According to the length of the style, you choose for your full weave, you will need between 2 and 5 bundles of hair. Virgin hair – When it comes to hair as a whole, virgin hair refers to a collection of hair that has been taken from one donor and has not been chemically treated in any way. There must be no breaks in the cuticles and all of them must run in the same direction.

There are a number of uses for virgin wefts, such as braids and extensions, as well as other styles that are not processed. When wearing extensions, you must, however, maintain the length of your natural hair while wearing them and be able to maintain it. Besides being used as a headband, virgin bundles can also be used as braid clips when paired with braids or extensions pre-cut into specific lengths, which can also be used as a headband or braid clip.

Is a weave better than hair extensions?

When it comes to choosing between the curly human hair wigs, weave, or hair extension, you should consider a few things. First, consider your preferences and condition. Weaves and hair extensions offer comparable outcomes in terms of length, volume, longevity, and appearance. 

  • Secondly, think about how you plan on wearing your new look. Wigs can be worn straight or curly; weaves can be styled with heat or cold; while hair extensions can be pinned back or pulled through the hair. 
  • Thirdly, remember that price is always an important factor when making a purchase. 
  • Finally, do not forget to consult with a professional stylist if you have any questions about which option is best for you!

Should your bundles be the same length?

It is advised that you obtain the same length hair for most of your hair if you want to achieve a very full look of similar lengths. It is okay to have different lengths as long as they are in ascending order to achieve a layered look, for example, 14 inches, 16 inches, and 18 inches. If you are purchasing longer than 22 inches, we usually advise that the fourth bundle may be required.

Key Takeaway:

There are pros and cons to wearing hair bundles, but the truth is that they’re a great way to add volume, texture, and body to your hair. They can also be used as a temporary solution if you need to wear your hair up for an event or photo shoot. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, weaves are definitely the way to go. Weaves last longer than extensions because they’re made from real human hair instead of synthetic materials. Plus, they look more natural and won’t damage your locks like extensions can.

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