Marketing Strategies for Magento Owners


The world of consumers is constantly evolving and expanding, and the producing end is always sure to stay on top of the market demand. For every need, problem, or gap, there is always an answer to be found, and, at the very least, one producer who provides the solution. One thing’s for sure is, the internet has made it easier than ever to share any solution on a global level.

If you’ve been thinking about getting into the world of e-commerce, or you’ve already gotten into it, you must have come across Magento: One of the leading e-commerce platforms worldwide. But as it is with great market opportunities, they also come with very strong competition.

Getting Your Products Ready for the Market

So now you have your idea, and you have your product, or production line, ready. You know your unique selling point and why it deserves to be on the market. Your products have found their way onto the Magento platform and they’re all but ready to be found and purchased by your target customers. The only thing remaining is to get customers to buy your products. But how do you get your voice out there, how do you enter such a competitive market? How do you survive and strive?

The key lies in how you plan and execute your marketing strategies. And when it comes to Magento, there are a lot of possibilities!

Marketing Strategies for Magento Owners

Developing and producing your products might seem like the most important task you have, but it will only do so much if you’re unable to let the world know about your products. Marketing, at this point, is your voice that lets everyone know about you. You need to make that voice as loud, clear, strong and captivating as much as you can. Here are some of the marketing strategies you can use to achieve just that:

1- Creating Your Marketing Plan

The first step of rocking your marketing, is to plan on how you’ll do so. To make a solid marketing plan, you’ll need to do (a lot of) research, and get it all down on the papers.

Some of the key points you’ll need to include in your plan are:

  • Your goals and objectives.
  • KPIs to measure your progress, and milestones to look forward to achieving.
  • What’s your unique selling point, and how will your tone convey it to your audience?
  • What are your target segments? Creating at least 4-5 user personas and planning your targeting and content accordingly is essential in ensuring you’re reaching the people you want to reach.
  • What are the competitors who offer the same products on Magento platform, and in the area you want to position yourself in? What’s your advantages over them? What are the threats they might pose towards you?
  • How will you measure your progress? What analyzing tools are you going to use?

After creating your plan, you’ll find a lot of extensions on Magento platform to help you with creating and analyzing your reports when the time comes. For that, you’ll find the Google Analytics extension to be great in tracking both your visits and the performance of your adwords. Moreover, the Google Analytics+ extension can track the purchases and conversions associated with your Adwords, configure tags to aid in retargeting dynamically, and it can also categorize items. Analyzing your performance will help you continuously optimize your store to its best version.

2- Take Good Care of Your Content

You never stop hearing about content plays an important role in your marketing, and that’s for a good reason. How captivating and appealing your product is can only be conveyed through the written and visual content you show, and how you show it. Every kind of content plays a critical role, from your products description, social media posts, emails, newsletters and even blog.

Some of the extensions to make sure you show your content in the best way are:

  • Toogas Featured Pop-up extension help you get just what you want: The attention of your customers.
  • Create blogs using the Blog – Community Edition to let the customers know more about your products, and increase your authenticity in the market.

3- Take Advantage of Your Social Media Channels

The best way to get your content, and products, out there is through social media channels. Out of all the apps and websites out there, the average person will check out their social media platform at least once a day.

To make the best integration between your social media channels and your store on Magento, you can make use of some of the following extensions:

  • Addshopers allows your customers to engage on your store through their social media accounts, while offering you analytics about your social media campaigns at the same time.
  • Instagram for Magento integrates your products into your instagram account, while offering you options in customizing how you showcase galleries in instagram.
  • Easy Share allows your customers to share your products with their community over different social media platforms.

4- Your Customer’s Journey

Whichever the point your audience is at right now, there are ways to attract the prospect, and retain the purchaser into a loyal customer. You can do so through following some of these strategies:

Email Marketing

  • Create emails using the Magento Email Templates. Out of 7 different templates, you can choose the best one that fits your target segment, all while customizing the text, font, colors and even the pictures.
  • The Bronto extension also customizes the way you reach out to your customers via email, calling them to engage more with you. More engagement equals more conversions for you, which is a great win.

Abandoned Cart Reminder

  • Abandoned Cart extension keeps a close eye on the potential customers who just abandoned their carts, and sends them an email to remind them of their incomplete purchase.


  • Using Magento Advanced Coupon extension, you can create coupons and discounts for your loyal customers, and attract potential ones into purchasing your products.

Cross-Selling & Upselling

  • You can redirect your customers into other products you believe they’ll be interested in once they’re about to seal the purchase on the cart page, also known as cross-selling.
  • You can also upsell them products of similar functionality, but improved quality of the product page.

5. Optimize Your SEO

Chances are, your new customers with either find you through their social media ads or through search engines. We’ve gone over the importance of social media, and that of your SEO is of no lesser necessity. You can improve your SEO in Magento through creating a customized XML site map, changing the default setting, and upgrading your Robots.txt file. As for the extensions, you’ll find the SEO extensions offered by Magento Connect to be of great help.

Marketing Is Key

When it comes to getting a new product into a world full of strong competition, we need a little bit more than developing the best-quality product. This is where marketing comes to play, and if you play it smart, you’re playing it right. Taking your audience through their customer journey all ways until they’re your loyal customers take a lot of focus and effort, all of which starts with your marketing strategies and how you execute them. And if you’re going to use Magento as your online store platform, then you’re lucky because you have a lot of aids to help in your marketing!

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