Maternity Leave for Men, Pros and Cons


Paternity leave is not a brand new phenomenon. Although it has been around for a while, there are a lot of debates about this leave. Despite the debate, many companies around the world allow their male employees up to a few months of unpaid time off. There are both pros and cons of maternity absence for men. In this post, we will discuss the pros and cons.

When it comes to paid parental leave, the tech sector is setting examples. Facebook offers four months of paid leave to both parents. New mothers working for Apple enjoy up to 14 weeks of paid absence. Microsoft is also planning to offer its male employees 12 weeks of paid absence.

This leave is not all about comfort. Men take parental leave for valid reasons. We should not criticize these men without knowing the fact. In the same way, we should not criticize the students who read affordable papers review and hire professional writers to get their academic papers written. This is not all about comfort, and these students have valid reasons to seek professional help.

Men have numerous good reasons to take parental leave. Among other things, it has a good impact on the educational performance of kids. It reduces the earning gap between men and women, and it reduces the earning gap between men and women.


There are some good reasons why the world is adopting paid parental leave. First, let us see the pros of this absence for men:

Employee morale

This leaves benefits employees in several ways. By reducing financial stress, it solves a lot of problems in a family. It is linked to lower infant mortality, higher birth weights, and improved health of the newborn. It has a host of other benefits. All these factors lead to happiness, and that improves the morale of employees.

Improved productivity

Paid parental leave promotes work-life balance, and it leads to improved individual productivity. When employees are constantly distracted, they show poor performance. Unplanned absences are not good for companies. That is why paid parental leave has a positive effect on productivity.

Narrowing wage gaps

If men are eligible for this paid absence, it narrows the wage gap. As a result, it can help improve gender equality. Maternity leave for men also narrows promotion gap. This is part of the reason why advocates of gender equality are promoting this paid absence for men.


Critics say that there are a few cons of maternity leave for men. Below we are going to outline some of the disadvantages of this paid absence.


There is no doubt that it is costly, and many companies find it hard to afford it. When a male employee enjoys it, the company still has to get the work done. Companies often have to hire temporary workers, and this process costs a lot. The collective productivity often suffers because companies need to train temporary workers. Considering the financial side of this phenomenon, many companies are still reluctant.


In some companies, employees are seen as less serious about their work if they take the full leave. In other words, companies often expect the workers not to enjoy this off time. This expectation is a problem for many male employees.

Leaving the workforce

When it comes to maternity leave for men, there is an inflection point. Sometimes, after a prolonged absence, mothers do not return to the workforce. It often happens after 20 weeks of absence. It is a big problem from the productivity perspective.

Paid parental absence has both pros and cons, but taxpayers, companies and government subsidies have to count the cost. We clearly understand the reason behind the reluctance of these organizations. While this plan benefits individuals, it often causes problems for organizations.


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