Mexican Beers

Mexico has been the leading exporter of beer all over the world since 2010. It surpassed the products exported by Holland, Germany, and Belgium. Most people associate Mexico with “cerveza” beers that cover a variety of styles and taste of beer. Mexican beer became so popular that other companies try to make their own versions. You’ll get to know about the top 10 classical beers from Mexico, and why they taste so good even without the popular lime soaked in it.


1. Bohemia

Mexicans and Americans all recommend that you take a taste of this incredible beer. It has a pilsner style and is rarely found in stores. But numerous people gave their opinion that Bohemia is the best Mexican beer out there. It is perfect to be coupled with a spicy dish at a restaurant or home. It is served in a cool bottle that can easily attract anyone’s attention.

2. Negra Modelo

The name itself will say that this beer will literally light up your taste buds. Negro means darker ale or dark color. But this beer is still sweeter for most dark beers and very refreshing for anyone. It provides an after taste of toffee but is generally made up of dark beer and 5.4% alcohol. It is the best dark beer that you can buy anywhere.


3. Corona

Corona gives an always good and always refreshing taste. You would be shocked to know that this beer is easily found in more stores in the US than in Mexico. It is good with a lime wedge. This beer needs no introduction because it is the perfect light beer. You can easily sip it in a bar, in a club, in the house, by the waters, or anywhere out there.

4. Carta Blanca

This beer truly defines that Mexican beer is supposed to be refreshing, cool, easily goes down, no hangover and a little tinge on the tongue. You may consider it too light, but this beer is the best for any get-together or celebration because you wouldn’t have to worry about getting drunk instantly. However, due to its light taste it also disappears quickly before your very eyes.

5. Noche Buena

It is one of the rarest Mexican beers that you could find because of its seasonal sale only during Christmas. There are only 12 cases sold during the season. It really gives a great night during Christmas Eve. It has a sweet aftertaste with a caramel and mahogany tone.

6. Victoria

This beer is released by the same manufacturer of Modelo and has a slight similar taste. But Victoria gives off a more bitter taste that makes it distinct. This beer was only available in Mexico before but has made its way in selected cities in the US.

7. Pacifico

This is another rare beer that you must grab. It has a crisp taste and no bitter after taste at all. It won’t make you feel bloated unlike most beers, so you can drink as much as you want. You can use this drink as a thirst quencher because of its lightness. And no lime is needed to fill up your cup.

8. Dos Equis

This Mexican beer has a strong, subtle taste that goes down smoothly. It is promoted by the “Most Interesting Man in the World”. It is created with 4.8% alcohol which is a bit stronger than most Mexican beers.

9. Sol

This is a very light beer that goes to your mouth smoothly. However, it does not give off too much flavor because of its simplicity. This beer is best enjoyed cold to sooth your taste.

10. Tecate

This is the beer that is right for your budget. Anyone can drink it without trouble, but it can be a little bitter. It is preferred taken with line and salt while cold. It is very cheap and easily bought in most stores. It is ideal for small get-togethers with a few friends or if you are to make micheladas.