Most trending watch styles of 2022


Do you or someone you care about need a new watch? Here are the most fascinating 2022 watch trends you need to know. Sleek minimalism, nostalgic nods, and pops of color are all on the horizon. The only thing left to do is choose your favorite watch trend.

Watches are so much more than just a timepiece; they serve as a lens through which we view the passing moments of our lives. We’ve got you covered from heirlooms, aesthetic statements, collectibles, and everyday timekeeping to the hottest watch trends for 2022 and beyond. If you are looking for an authorized watch dealer online for quality watches, check out My Gift Stop watches.

Vintage watches throw it back

We’ll start with a vintage watch trend. This trend is inspired by nostalgic aspects, including tiny cases, simple dials, leather straps, and rich history. Enjoy the vintage appeal of our best vintage timepieces. Our favorite Longines Heritage watch is the Longines Flagship Heritage Automatic Men’s Watch. This piece pays homage to Longines designers’ pioneering spirit, combining traditional style with cutting-edge watchmaking technology. Take on the trend with this BOSS Elite Men’s Watch. Your vintage style isn’t complete without this watch’s basic, clean face and black leather band. Not to mention the slim fit under a suit.

Keep up with smartwatches

Smartwatches are a prominent trend for 2022. Get everything you need at the flick of a wrist with a smartwatch. That’s why this TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch combines Swiss avant-garde design with cutting-edge technology. With smart notifications, step, distance, calorie tracking, and more, it’s a powerful tool. 

This Garmin MARQ Adventurer Titanium Smartwatch looks as beautiful as it works. Aside from the built-in navigation, the ClimbPro climb planner and topographic mapping make this a versatile tool.

Minimalist timepieces are sleek

Minimalist watches have clean forms and uncomplicated dials. These simple watches are perfect for every event and attire, from the office to the bar, in casual or smart style. Emporio Armani is renowned for its classic, elegant, and timeless style. Their timepieces are always basic and attractive. 

This Emporio Armani Men’s Watch is the perfect simple accessory. Its steel band and black dial are timeless. This BOSS Chain Ladies Watch is extremely beautiful and will blend with any outfit in your collection. Its exquisite white dial and trendy chain link bracelet are remarkable.

Colored dial watches bring in the bold

This year’s jewelry trend (read more here) has shifted to watch dials. And we’re here for it. Especially green and brilliant blue dials are in demand. Buying Team, Klaudia Fashionable Vivienne Westwood Wallace Gold Tone Ladies Watch with a green dial. Faceted crystals and an emerald green dial make this watch a standout.

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