Moving in Miami — Need-to-Knows From an Expert


Miami, also known as Magic City, has become a hotspot for people looking for urban life with year-round warmth. Known for its vibrant nightlife, amazing food, and pristine beaches, there are plenty of reasons to move to Miami.

However, this place is home to millions of people, and moving here can be a challenge. From finding the right neighborhood to understanding the geography, there’s a lot to know before moving to Miami.

Luckily, we have all the tea right here for you. Keep reading for the must-knows before making your big move.

Amazing Architecture

The city was incorporated in 1896, making it one of the youngest major metros in America. However, the architecture still speaks to the history and vibrancy of its past.

From booming skyscrapers in Brickell, the city center, to the Art Deco District, there is much for the eye to see. Brickell Movers can help you find your home in the modern urban center or one of the 1920s Parisian-inspired residences. You’ll see plenty of 1920s and 30s inspired pastel buildings hand-in-hand with modern architecture.

Growth Spurt

The year-round sunshine has led to a growth spurt as many people picked it as a refuge during COVID-19. Florida was one of the first states to “reopen”, so many people chose Miami as a way out of lockdowns in other states. People from the Pacific Northwest, Northeast, and Midwest see this oasis as a vibrant, warm, and booming urban center. Some even think Miami could be the next Silicon Valleyas techies trade the Bay Area for Magic City.

More Than Beaches

Yes, the entire state of Florida is known for beaches and Miami is no exception. Miami Vice, the famous show, certainly highlighted this in its many beach-related cases.

However, locals know the real gems of the city are found in its cosmopolitan wonders. You can always find something to do for any pay grade, from stay-cations at some of the best hotels to exploring Wynwood. Magic City also has a vibrant nightlife for those who enjoy clubbing as well as world-class shopping. You will live where everyone else vacations.

Tropical Climate

The entire state of Florida is also known as a retirement hotbed. The biggest city in the state features a tropical climate with an average of 59 degrees Fahrenheit and an average high of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it the warmest winter climate of the major American metropolises, perfect for anyone who hates winter. You will need to be able to withstand tropical heat, as well as the annual hurricane season.

No Income, Estate, or Inheritance Taxes

Many people are shocked at the difference between their income in states like California versus Florida. This is because the state does not withdraw estate, income, or inheritance taxes.

Ultimately, it means you take home more of your paycheck, your dollars go further, and you can invest more in retirement.

Over a Million Spanish Speakers

Nearly two million people in Miami speak Spanish. If you make the move to Miami, you will certainly learn a few Spanish words and find strong influences from various Latinx cultures. It is a bilingual city and welcoming to Spanish speakers. Be prepared to enter a vibrant melting pot!

The Bottom Line

From its beaches to its food to its architecture, Miami has something for everyone. The city is growing and now is a perfect time to be part of the change.

Whether you are seeking the fast-paced city center of Brickell or the beach-line neighborhood of South Beach, there is something here for everyone. Ready to move yet?

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