Must-Have Bathroom Accessories


Are you planning to redecorate your bathroom? If so, you should invest in different accessories, which are no longer considered a luxury but a necessity.

Some of the must-have accessories include lighting fixtures, shelves, soap dispensers, soap dishes, extractor fans, towel rails, grab rails, and others. Each of these fixtures is functional and decorative, providing better ambience, greater safety, improved storage, etc.

Bathroom accessories are installed in a matter of minutes even by amateurs.

Learn more about their use in detail.


Lighting fixtures are must-have accessories in every bathroom, as their role is to brighten up the décor. There are four categories of lighting to consider, including wall, ceiling, shower, and mirror lights. For instance, wall lights can be purchased in various forms, providing not just an appealing design but also a versatile function. These wall sconces fit any décor perfectly when secured on each side of your vanity mirror.

Ceiling lights are in charge of creating the necessary ambience in the bathroom by offering a complete illumination. Conversely, shower lights contribute to the enjoyment of daily showers. Nevertheless, for experiencing a full enjoyment, homeowners should purchase a dimmer. Read more about the types of light that go over the shower.

Ultimately, mirror lights, as the name explains, provide bathroom mirrors with a special accent. These are the perfect fit for contemporary designs. By installing any of these lighting fixtures, you won’t believe the transformation this space will undergo without spending plenty of money.



Bathroom shelves are another indispensable accessory in every house/apartment, which improve space functionality and enhance the design. Their purpose is to represent a platform for storage of bathroom essentials, such as toothbrushes, aftershaves, shower gels, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.

Moreover, these small-sized shelves are usually positioned right below the vanity mirror and above the sink to ensure all the essentials are handy to household residents. Some homeowners have additional shelves installed above the tub or near the shower cabin to have hair and body products beyond their reach. The assortment of shelves available is vast enough to suit both modern and traditional bathrooms.

Soap dispensers

Soap dispensers

Another essential accessory is the soap dispenser. The purpose of this item is to store liquid soap instead of using the less attractive soap bottles, which take up a large amount of counter space. The use of such a dispenser makes the habit of washing hands much more economical, as the soap amount is regulated with every use.

In addition, the designs of soap dispensers range from modern to unusual, hence catering to any taste. The latest designs involve touchless dispensers, which allow users to control the dispensed soap amount by relying on an infrared sensor. Given these items are touchless, their design is far more hygienic. Visit this website,, to learn how to install a wall-mounted bathroom soap dispenser.

Extractor fans

Most homeowners experience trouble with bathroom mold due to the buildup of moisture in this room. Nevertheless, extractor fans are designed to extract the moisture and prevent its accumulation. These devices can be installed on a window, ceiling, or wall in the room.

Their ability to instantly extract moisture impedes condensation from accumulating on the walls and preventing mold from being provided with the right conditions to grow. Extractor fans are a must-have accessory in windowless bathrooms. Homeowners should pick a model with a humidity sensor for the fan to start working once humidity reaches a certain level.

Towel rails

Towel rails aren’t just functional accessories but also incredible decorative elements. The key point to remember in the course of installation is their placement, as these rails should make towels accessible when individuals get out of the shower or wash their hands at the sink.

Homeowners shouldn’t be worried about style choices, as there are numerous options to pick from, which complement the rest of the fixtures in the bathroom. If you decide to install a towel ring or rail on the back of the door, it shouldn’t hit the wall when the door is fully opened to prevent damage. The simplest way to prevent such damage is by installing a doorstop at the door’s bottom.

Soap dishes

Apart from using a soap dispenser, the majority of homeowners need a soap dish as well. Homeowners can purchase various bathroom sets online to fit any décor. The most problematic thing about soap bars is their storage. Nevertheless, most dishes and holders perform a poor job, as they allow the soap to soak in unclean water. Consequently, it often happens for it to become clammy and unusable.

However, not all soap dishes do a poor job, even if you place them in the shower or next to the sink. It’s of great importance to pick a model that keeps the soap dry while adding glamour to the bathroom interior. These holders are made from various materials, such as ceramic, wood, glass, or steel. Their design should allow excess water to drain.

Grab rails

Another type of rail to install in your bathroom is the grab rail. These fixtures are vital for increasing the safety of disabled and elderly people, especially when coming out of the shower. Grab rails provide older people with confidence and stability.

To sum up

These accessories make every bathroom more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

If you haven’t installed any of them yet, now is the right time to take action!

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