Must Visit Dead Sea Tours and its Environs


The Dead Sea remains one of the most amazing sites in the world. With its healing waters, saltine condition, beautiful desert setting, and the number of tourists visiting, the Dead Sea is definitely not dead in the tourists’ minds.

Sitting 25-minutes eastward of Jerusalem, a guided tour will take you through this destination and into the Holy Land in all its majesty.

Here’s what the tour itinerary will entail.

Stop at Sea Level Sign for a Camel Ride

Immediately you descend from Jerusalem, the atmosphere becomes more rural as the elevation changes, giving way to the Judean Desert and its bare hills.

On the roadside, you will find Bedouin communities made up of people keeping livestock and having their homes in tents. You can also ride a camel at the sea level sign and take pictures.

As you approach the shores of the Dead Sea, you’ll find some beautiful views of the cliffs and surrounding areas on the way to Masada. You might also spot some women wearing unique face masks. Learn more about these in our article, How Do Bedouin Face Masks Reflect the Unique Heritage and Lifestyle of Desert Nomads?

Traverse Masada

Masada, a fortress belonging to King Herod, remains a fascinating and famous site to visit in Israel.

You can listen to a detailed narration of the tragic lives and death of Jewish refugees, even as you visit the rebels’ synagogue. It was probably in that synagogue the Jewish rebels choose death over becoming slaves to the Romans.

You can admire the King’s complex, which remains preserved and take in a mind-blowing view of the desert from atop the mountain. Spend time feasting your eyes on the archaeological finds and ensure you take it all in before you move.

A Modern Visitors’ Center sits at the foot of the mountain where you find a souvenir shop, a museum, and other structures.

Go Hiking in Ein-Gedi

Take a drive to Kibbutz Ein Gedi for an exciting and social lunch experience with the members of the Kibbutz at a public dining hall.

Go on a stroll and admire the botanical gardens in the kibbutz before going on an excursion at the Ein-Gedi’s Nature Reserve situated nearby. In an hour and 30 minutes, you can discover the sights in the reserve and swim in its refreshing waters.

Before leaving, visit Ein-Gedi’s ancient synagogue, where the Jewish life of bygone still speaks through the building left behind.

See the Dead Sea Scrolls

Before returning to Jerusalem, locate the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, listen to your Dead Sea tour guide tell you the story of their discovery and deciphering. You will learn about their relevance to Christian and Jewish history during the tour.

If there’s time, you can stop at Qumran, a puzzling location that people believed could have been home to the writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Join the Judean desert jeep tour 

A thrilling safari jeep adventure awaits you as we go southwards through the Biblical wilderness.

The Dead Sea tours will take you to the sea and surrounding areas, including the Qumran caves suspected to be the headquarters of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

You will be riding a 4X4 jeep in an exciting expedition through rocky hills, desert landscape, and dry river beds, with beautiful plants and animals. You’ll also see the Murbaat Caves and the Cliffs of Dragot.


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