Neon Lights for Bars: Ideas for Your Establishment


LED Neon Lights are a classic part of bar decor. From the classic “Open” sign to the countless brand signs showing off liquor for sale, there’s almost an expectation that bars have neon signs. If you’re trying to decorate your bar, however, you know how important it is to fit in with the feeling of your brand.

If you’re not sure how to find the right neon lights for your bar, we’ve compiled some tips to help you get started.

Consider What Your Customers Want

Are you serving sports fans? Corporate clientele? Is your bar popular with cops or firefighters? Take these demographics into account when choosing the right sign for your bar. Ask yourself what your typical clientele would appreciate from a neon sign.

Are they looking for something fun? Something chic? Something amusing? It’s important to take that into account before you can choose your neon lights.

Consider Your Ambiance

Do you run a sports bar? A high-end lounge? A pool hall? While all these establishments serve alcohol, they’re very different places. They all have different ambiance. You wouldn’t expect a high-end lounge to display a football team’s logo, and you wouldn’t expect a minimalist statement piece in a sports bar.

If you are running a sports bar, however, football logos make fantastic LED neon signs. A gay bar, of course, needs a neon rainbow. If you’re looking for something more reserved, however, you can find numerous wonderful signs in beautiful neon lights.

Consider Location

Where is your neon light going to hang? Is it going over the bar? In the window? Not only do you need to make sure you have enough space for the size of neon sign you want, but it might influence your design. If you want to draw the eye to your bar, you’ll want a bright color with some contrast. If you want the sign to blend in a bit more, then you should choose a more subdued color.

If you’re hanging your LED neon lights in the window, then you should consider what message you want to project in order to draw more customers in. An obscure quote probably won’t work well for bringing customers in, but a design showing off food or drink will let customers understand what your bar is at a glance.

Put Your Logo in Neon Lights

If you have a business and a brand, you probably have a logo. Putting that logo in neon lights is not only great design, it’s great marketing. The bright lights and color will show off your bar and draw attention to your branding. This will make customers’ food and drink experience all the more memorable, and help them remember where they had that experience.

Show What You Sell

If you order custom LED neon lights, you can get whatever design you need. Utilizing the power of custom, you can show off your signature drinks and food items. Bars have been using neon lights to advertise the beers and liquors they sell for years, and it’s no wonder why. These eye-catching signs emphasize some popular drinks, showing people you have their alcohol of choice.

You can also use these signs to help improve the profit of your signature items. If your best-selling item is a martini, you can create a custom neon sign to show it off. This way, you can maximize the profit of your best-selling items while creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Once you know what LED neon lights you want, visit to find the right sign for your bar.

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