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Very little is left before the whole world will be covered by crowds of people rushing to get gifts and sweets for their families and loved ones, as well as on the streets you soon can see friendly and stout old men in red and with false beards, personifying Christmas and all the fuss associated with it (we mean Santa Claus, of course).

Everyone knows about this and most people (especially those who, after a difficult work period, will be offered a weekend to spend time with their loved ones) are already slowly starting to prepare to buy a Christmas tree and ingredients for the festive table. Of course, the well-known worldwide large company Sleeper knows about this too. The company tries every year to produce interesting types of clothes for all who want them, dedicated specially for this breathtaking holiday. Their label has clothes like:

  • Pajamas
  • Dresses
  • Shoes
  • One-size items.

Meaning of the holiday for the founder of Sleeper

One of the founders of the brand, Kate Zubareva, treats this family holiday with special trepidation – the fact is that the concept of the Sleeper label was invented precisely on that night, which many call magic. The night when the years follow each other and a new era begins for the fashion world.

It was on Christmas night that one of the founders of the brand dreamed of the concept of walking sleepwear. The dream became a reality, and since then Sleeper believes in miracles and treats the winter holidays with special trepidation. Traditionally, the brand presents a festive capsule on Christmas Eve.

So the seriousness of the approach to clothing from this team of professionals simply cannot be doubted. Holiday pajamas by Sleeper will be not only a great option for a festive look but also an ideal gift for family and friends. Our favorite over the past years (as we said earlier, they release an X-mas line every year) is the red pajama suit.

There is nothing more comfortable and elegant, when talking about women’s garments than pajamas, especially if they can be worn not only in your home but wherever you want. Just imagine pajamas that can be worn on trips and to work and a meeting with a loved one. It is very laconic and comfortable, as well as stylish and interesting for others.

Holiday pajamas by Sleeper for X-mas night

Following last year, Sleeper will release an exclusive capsule collection for the holiday season, luxury relaxation, and a never-ending home party this Christmas. Thus, you can surprise everyone if you have not done this before, since such luxury pajamas by Sleeper are a wonderful invention for any holiday, not just for Christmas. Since launching in 2014, homewear label Sleeper has celebrated Christmas every year with a cozy capsule collection.

The main highlight of this project is that with one purchase you solve a bunch of your problems because every woman is faced with a well-known problem: “What should I wear?”. This is an inevitable thing and now you will understand why it is so important for any woman to have holiday pajamas by Sleeper. But let us have a small talk about typical myths and interesting facts about pajamas.

What are pajamas for?

In modern times, pajama suits are a set of bottom and top that can be used to sleep and to be worn at home during the day, so the main requirement for it is to provide comfort. Also, in beautiful pajamas, it is nice to have breakfast before taking a morning shower, slowly sipping a cup of coffee with a bun and jam. On weekends, you can wear it at home as homewear, creating a pajama-couch mood in a secluded cozy atmosphere without guests and obliging circumstances. The concept of pajamas excludes the use of large accessories in its design, complex decorative elements that could injure the skin. Soft, mainly natural fabrics are used for sewing.

Interesting facts about pajamas and their benefits

Pajamas serve several purposes. Convenient separation of the top and bottom makes it easy to combine sets. Wear pants with a T-shirt, or a shirt with shorts, controlling your microclimate, creating optimal conditions for sleeping. Pajamas act as a barrier between the body and bedding. If you are using a linen or heavy cotton sheet that can feel harsh, soft nightwear will relieve the discomfort. In addition, a quality product:

  1. Allows air to circulate freely under the material.
  2. Absorbs moisture, sweat secreted by the body during sleep, due to the high hygroscopicity of cotton fibers.
  3. Keeps you warm, ensuring a comfortable sleep on a cool night.
  4. It is characterized by high wear resistance, strength, does not break during uncontrolled movements with a large amplitude during sleep.
  5. Not prone to accumulation of dust, bacteria provides hygiene.
  6. Made from natural fabrics is safe, does not provoke skin irritation.
  7. Has an attractive design, thought out taking into account the peculiarities of the application and fashion trends, which contributes to aesthetic pleasure.
  8. Painted with high-quality paints that do not fade, do not have a smell.
  9. Easy to wash in accordance with the conditions specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.
  10. Has a long service life and becomes a favorite thing for several years with proper care.

The collections

The collection consists of:

  • Different tops and blouses
  • Trousers with wide parts in the end

The capsule is made in different styles for every taste: lounge suits with pants or leggins (In pink, green, black, or gray colors) or beautiful cardigans with detachable feathers in different colors.

Flirty, fun, and fabulous, this playful set will add a dash of dazzle to your wardrobe. Ruffled cuffs and a statement collar will have heads turning wherever you go. One set takes about 8 hours of work. You can order them on

The collections


Watch a cozy Christmas movie in a festive setting, make plans for the next year, or invite your friends to a champagne house party – the new Sleeper sets are perfect for all this. And if you add graceful boats to the image, the effect will be worthy of the main night of the year.

How do you like the idea of ​​celebrating the holidays in pajamas?


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