NFL Game Pass: 5 Reasons Why Chiefs Can Win Super Bowl Twice In A Row

The last time that the Kansas City Chiefs appeared in the Super Bowl finals was five decades ago. Last year, the long drought ended after they bested the San Francisco 49ers. The Chiefs were one of the huge favorites in the American Football Conference and maintained their victory as they successfully clinched the Super Bowl LIV title.

Today, the Chiefs are aiming for a back to back triumph as the newest edition of Super Bowl begins in a few weeks. The 2020 NFL regular season will start on September 10, 2020, in which the Chiefs will open the first game against the Houston Texans. This year’s edition of the NFL will present a full 17-week game plan, which will end by February 7, 2020.

With the Chiefs’ solid roster and motivation to defend their Super Bowl LV title this year, there is no doubt that they can do it. To give you insights on why they can still get that coveted Lombardi trophy this season, let’s see their current 2020 NFL odds and their five strongest weapons.

Andy Reid’s Coaching Ability

Andy Reid has been part of Kansas City Chiefs’ journey since 2013. Upon joining, he made several adjustments to the team’s positioning, player trading, etc. Last year, he successfully made an impact by bringing versatile players in the field, allowing him to send the Kansas City Chiefs to Miami and brought home the Super Bowl LV title.

Like the biggest teams in the NFL, which are coached by Hall of Fame Trainers, Andy Reid is on the right track of attaining the same prestige. Reid is known to be the smartest coach in today’s football league which his game plans are seen as unpredictable. Also. His ability to combine his main quarterback with other talents is one key reason the Chiefs can still look good for the Super Bowl this year.

Patrick Mahomes’ Versatility

Drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017, Patrick Mahomes had made a huge leap in his professional football career. After sitting on the bench for at least two years when he entered the team as a Rookie, he played last year, bringing his team to a victory. Although he is still far from the Hall of Fame award, he is on the way to achieve it.

Last year, he got the Super Bowl MVP award after recording 50 touchdowns during the finals. In his third year playing for the Chiefs as a starting quarterback, Mahomes has a big future ahead of him. If he continues to show the same skill in the field for this year’s whole NFL season, then a back to back Super Bowl is not impossible.

A More Solid Roster

The Kansas City Chiefs will surely not come on an opening day with a one-man show. While Patrick Mahomes is the team’s biggest superstar, there are still plenty of talents coming in the current line up, which makes this group more deadly. One of these players is Mecole Hardman, who has improved his build as a wide receiver in his second year of playing.

Moreover, Mahomes will be joined by the Chiefs big trio; Tyreek Hill, Damien Williams, and Travis Kelce. They are also added by Mitchell Schwartz and Eric Fisher, which are the men behind the team’s solid offense. With these players composing the Chiefs’ current line up, other teams will have a hard time defeating them.

Better Team Chemistry

One of the reasons why the Chiefs have been struggling to win AFC titles is because of team chemistry. This year, Brady has been traded by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC as their starting quarterback. Although Brady is by no means a push over, his movement to the Buccaneers will certainly improve the Chief’s team chemistry.

Although they will still face the talented Lamar Jackson who plays for the Ravens, the Chiefs can effortlessly defeat them with a solid lineup. Apart from that, the AFC’s huge favorite, the New England Patriots, has a rookie quarterback, Jarret Stidham. With this, the chance for the Chiefs to conquer the AFC title this year is clearer.

Team’s Experience

As they say, “Experience is the best teacher,” and the Kansas City Chiefs carry an experience in spades. In his third year of playing for the Chiefs at a young age, Patrick Mahomes performed two AFC championship games. Aside from that, Andy Reid has been in the NFL for the past ten years, and his coaching style got more unpredictable.

Looking into their rivals in the AFC, other players have lesser experience in their respective position. Lamar Jackson is looking for his first AFC win, and Deshaun Watson attempted three times in Divisional Playoffs but failed. With the team’s experience in highly anticipated NFL playoffs, the Chiefs might still walk on the right path this year.


Taking the first game in the 2020 NFL season against the Houston Texans, the Kansas City Chiefs are looking for their first win to seal an excellent start in the Super Bowl LV. With Reid’s ability, Mahomes’ versatility, and a stronger lineup, the Chiefs can undoubtedly bring home the Lombardi trophy twice in a row.