Nicole Young: 5 Things To Know About Dr. Dre’s Wife


The most shocking news comes to Dr. Dre’s fans when his wife Nicole Young filed a divorce filed against the rapper and claimed that they have “irreconcilable differences. ‘ It was a divorce that took place in the year 2019, and it was the ending of 24 years of marriage. You are aware of the rapper Dr. Dre’s, but are you aware of the facts about Nicole Young? Here are the most surprising facts about her that you should know that you are unaware of till now.

1. She is claiming spousal support

According to most of the data, at the time of the divorce, she is searching for spousal support, and the amount of it’s going to be $800 million; according to most of the sources, it is seen that the couple does not have prenup arrangement, for this reason, she can’t manage their financial aspects. For this reason, she is searching for spousal support. As Dr. Dre is a high-profile person, this is an estimation, and there is no clear evidence s there for her that what will be the amount that she can ask from her husband.

2. She was previously married to the Sedale Threatt

Not just Dr. Dre. She also has another ex-husband who is Sedale Threatt, who is a famous NBA player. Most people are unaware of this factor about her, and this is another factor that most people are unaware of. This was the second marriage, and she called off the wedding after 24 years, and that is very shocking news to the couple’s fans. However, her first marriage lasts three years, and after that, the couple gets separated from each other. Later she got married to the dr—dre after just a year. Most of the people said that, due to the love of her and Dr. Dre, she has divorced her first husband and married him but, there is no clear evidence of this story as there is no clear evidence where they met each other and the year when they met each other. The couple was very private about their love story song. Most people are don’t know of this fact.

3. She worked as an attorney

She worked as an attorney

More than one news channel is claiming that she has worked as an attorney, and she was also quite successful in her career. This is also denoted as an unknown factor for her life, but most of the people are unaware of this fact about her life, but there is no official evidence that she has worked in this profession, but she has also not said a thing about her career and the success of her life. She became famous as the wife of the dr. dre and in these 24 years she got popular according to his name.

4. She is a stepmother

She has also played the role of stepmother to her kids in the past 24 years. This is also denoted as an unknown factor that most of the people were unaware of. She also has good bonding with their children—the dr. Dre had more than one child with his previous wife, Cassandra Greene, and after that, the couple got divorced, and dr. got married to Nicole young. In this marriage, they had a son named Andre Young Jr., who died due to an overdose of drugs when he was just 20 years old. The relationship also stops after 24 years of marriage due to an unknown reason.

5. They seem delighted with their last Instagram images

After the breakup or the divorce, whether they seem happy or not, it is not being seen in their recent images, but if you notice the last duo image in their Instagram profile, you will be able to see that both of the people are very happy in the image. The picture is here from the year 2018, September also. This picture shows that the couple shared a happy bonding with each other, and the bonding was quite satisfying at that time. However, the happiness didn’t last long till 2019, and the couple got detached from each other. This is also denoted as the saddest ending between the couple.


Suppose you are familiar with the dr. Dre and the Nicole Young couple, but you are unaware of the facts about the couple, and you can go through this article. This has also going to be one of the unseen facts related to Nicole young. Besides that, the article has also gone through some unseen facts about their divorce. This will also be a guide for the couple that remains mostly unavailable through the years, and the article will also help you get a glimpse of their love story. It was a secret between the two.




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