Nine purposes of using Skirting Boards in Homes


Skirting boards are used in interior design. A skirting board can be used as a border that runs along the wall of a house. They are used to design the edges of a wall. Suppose you want to protect your wall from any damage that may come from furniture or any other substance. You can use skirting boards to protect your wall from unnecessary scratches. Skirting boards provide your rooms with great finishing.

There are many types of available that you can choose from easily. In the modern era, new ideas are emerging in the field of interior design. Different types of material are used for making skirting boards, for example, wooden skirting, metal skirting, pencil skirting, etc.

What is the purpose of skirting boards?

Some projects have been using skirting boards for beautification. While in some interior designing projects, it is used for hiding mistakes or unwanted features in the design of a wall. Skirting boards were also known as mop boards because of their use in protecting the wall from water used in the process of mopping the floor. They are available in various sizes and types of material used for skirting boards.

Skirting Boards And Their Purpose To Use In the Modification Of Walls are mentioned below:

Hide Gaps Between Walls

If gaps are not done right, they can ruin the whole interior design. Skirting boards have an essential use case as they can hide gaps between wall and floor. No one likes to see untidy or uneven joints in their new home. Some construction may have some unwanted gaps between walls and floor. Skirting boards can save you a lot of trouble as fixing gaps between walls could be costly or time-consuming.

Protect From Unwanted Damage

Skirting boards have great use as they can protect your wall from dents or unwanted damage that can be caused by moving furniture. A skirting board saves your wall from stains too. It can also protect walls against any damage caused by water leaks. If you live in an area where the climate is humid, then skirting board clouds help you add an extra layer to your walls for protection against moisture.

Modify Your Interior

Skirting boards come in many types of designs. Therefore, you can choose skirting boards according to your home interior or match them to the carpets of your home. Moreover, they come in many materials that you can choose from, such as MDF or even plasterboard. Nowadays, you can customize skirting boards according to your style or taste in the interior. Overall, Skirting boards give your home a decorative touch and modify it.

Cover Exposed Electrical Wiring

Having cables hanging around in your home makes it look unclean or decreases the beauty of your interior. For example, cables used in your Ethernet or telephone connection make your home look untidy.

Exposed electrical wires or connections that cannot be removed or moved elsewhere can be hidden under skirting boards. There are even skirting covers that you can use to install on the pre-installed skirting boards. These skirting covers can also hide wires under them.

Adds Extra Insulation To Your House

Skirting boards become necessary if you want to keep your house more energy sufficient and comfortable. To improve insulation in your home, you can install skirting boards. As you know, skirting boards can fill the gap between floors and walls.

This property of skirting board can make your home airtight and keep your home warm in winters. In addition, skirting boards help keep heat inside the house by not letting them escape through any cracks. This would help you reduce heating costs in winters.

Better than shadow gaps

Shadow gaps are perfect gaps built by constructors between the wall and floor. They are the perfect example of controlled joints. But they are very labor-intensive that they are hardly worth the expense.

Shadow gaps, if not done correctly, can ruin the look of your house. In this case, you don’t want to pay more for its repair. Instead, you can use stringing boards to hide shadow gaps. Shadow gaps can’t protect your wall from any damage that may happen.

Provides final touch

Most skirting boards have a decorative element, which makes them look stunning. As you know, skirting boards can hide wires; this makes your home look neat and clean. The design of the skirting board will determine the look of your house as it will be used as a border to your home walls.

You can also color these boards according to your room and match them with your room paint. Without skirting boards, there will be gaps left in your home that will make your home look unfinished. These skirting boards overall provide your interior with a finished look.


Compared to other options like shadow gaps, they are cheaper and can fit in any type of interior design. So skirting boards could be really cost-effective while any unwanted gap or wrong construction is done.

Reconstructing the mistakes made by your builder could cost you a good amount of money. However, if you don’t want this unwanted expense, you can use skirting boards to hide it and save your money effectively.

It’s strong and resistant

Skirting boards come in durable materials such as MDF, pine, and oak. These boards are made out of modern technology that lasts longer than other striking boards. However, these boards can go through certain damages and moisture that may come from climate change.

Some skirting boards are even water-resistant. Now a day, you can even use them in bathrooms. There are fewer chances that these boards will crack from humid or cold temperatures.


There are many things to consider when it comes to home décor. You don’t want to ruin the look of your home just because of the wrong interior choice. These are the few purposes mentioned to help you understand the use of striking boards. This information will help you choose what would be the best interior choice for you.



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