Pack a Removal Truck the Correct Way


Depending on the number of personal items you have, packing a moving van can be easy or difficult. You should be able to gauge how much space you will need depending on the size of your home. Typically, a 3-bedroom house can take up to 30m3 to 45m3. As with packing your belongings, packing your truck takes planning and patience. Many removalists sydney companies suggest, a good strategy for packing your house is to “Start with low use items that you don’t use and end with your everyday necessities.” This same logic is applicable when moving all your stuff into your truck. Here are some expert tips to help you make your move easier.

Tackle the Big, Bulky Items First

This is an old rule that’s used to pack moving trucks. But it’s important to remember. Although some believe that all boxes should be packed first, it is safer to pack larger items first to ensure you have enough space. Items such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers and heavy timber tables and furniture are the items you should pack first. Removal comparison platform Find a Mover says to “to enable a safe load it is best to keep the weight of the load balanced between each side of the truck.” This will make it a lot safer and easier to drive your truck or van, especially around corners.

Always Strap the big items

You should make sure that your truck is properly packed and heavy items strapped down even for short distances. Many people overlook the fact that, they are only travelling a short distance and that alone gives them enough reason that straps are not required. If you would like to make sure your load is safe and to minimise as little damage caused to the furniture during transit as possible. BIG TIP: ALWAYS USE STRAPS to tie down and especially for the big items. This will ensure that you’ve done your best to safeguard your furniture from any possible damage. Some people might reason that if you pack your truck full, then nothing will move. This theory has been debunked, as even if you have a 40 cubic metre truck you will never be able to squeeze exactly 40 cubic metres of furniture into the space. This is simply because there will always be dead space in a packed truck from the way furniture is stacked and packed on top of each other. So, even though you have packed your truck full, your belongings may still move around if they are not properly secured. Melbourne removalists suggests to strap down individual sections for maximum safety. This will allow you to feel secure while transporting your moving truck from one place to another.

Keep an Essentials Box

It’s all about planning when packing up your home and more commonly it is a game like Tetris, moving and arranging those items around in a moving truck. It is important to determine what items you can pack up and move into the truck first, and what should be left out until the end. For everyday items that you need until the very last day before you move, you should pack it in an essentials box and keep it close by, it simply doesn’t make any sense to pack the item and only to go dig through boxes looking for items that you still require.

This essentials box should be labelled and should be the last box to go into the truck and the first box to come out. This is to ensure that you will always have your essentials with you and close by your side if you need to access them quickly. Fragile items such as valuable plates and glassware need to be wrapped, ideally with butchers’ paper providing some cushioning before placing it in a box. They should also be marked clearly and stacked on items that only are not fragile items. This includes your small electronic devices as these items are things that can easily be broken in the truck’s back or that you will use on a regular basis when traveling. These items will save you the hassle of opening the truck every time you need them so keep them close to the essentials box.

Pack The Dead Space with Malleable Item

There is always going to be some dead space in the truck no matter how you pack it. An exact 4m3 of furniture may not fit exactly into a 4 cubic metre truck unless the truck volume is filled up with liquid. You may not be able to use up the full height of the truck because you cannot find a way to stack it precisely to the height of the truck. Maybe table legs are in the way, or dining chairs aren’t stackable creating some very awkward spaces. The good news is, you can always find some malleable items to fit into those spots. This is where stripe bags or even garbage bags filled with clothes or bed linen really do the trick. It gets into all those spaces that you cannot fit anything else, but best of all it is also there to provide a bit of cushioning. If you are afraid of using garbage bags that can rip easily, then try double bagging it. Make sure it is appropriately labelled but by doing this you will be able to eliminate the dead space in the truck saving you time in between trips.



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