Pet Identification: Make Finding Your Pets Easier with These


Losing a pet is a nightmare and the process of finding them will be nerve-racking and filled with look-alikes. Unfortunately, a study by the Human Study of America shows that only 30% of dogs are reclaimed and between 2% to 5% of cats return to their owners, and that’s’ most probably due to the misidentification of these pets. Follow the tips below to make sure your pet is easily identified and is returned back to you safely.

Pet Tags

The first step in making sure your pet is safe is to put a name tag around their necks with all the required information needed to contact you. Nowadays, name tags come in all shapes, colors, and forms. However, make sure you choose one that keeps the information intact. When picking a tag, engraved or Hand Stamped Dog Tag are a good example, as they secure your contact information with a jewelry grade coating to protect it from any severe elements. If you’re traveling and you’re taking your pet with you, it’s very important to take multiple name ID tags, leashes, and collars with you to prevent them from ever walking around alone and unprotected.

Another reason why pet tags are very important is that strangers are more willing to help dogs and cats that have a name tag rather than random stray dogs. This increases their chances of returning home. Don’t forget to put your phone number as well as your current address!

Get Your Pet Registered

Getting your dog or cat registered will increase your chances of recovering them if they ever get lost as having a license will help animal control connect you to your pet as soon as they find it.  Of course its unlikely you can register something as exotic 

Another thing that a lot of pet owners don’t know, in most states it’s the law. You have to get your pet registered and this will also make your dog safer in shelters if it gets lost. Lost dogs that are registered are less likely to be euthanized than an unregistered dog since shelters will be more patient with them.

Getting your pets a license makes sure they receive all the vaccinations they need against any diseases such as rabies and others. Furthermore, license fees go towards shelters to help maintain their facility, feed all the lost animals they find, as well as provide income for animal control officers.

Dog Microchips

These are a more secure form of assurance to make sure your pet returns home safely. They are a permanent form of identification and placed painlessly under the skin and they have no battery. The microchip works only when a doctor scans it to properly identify your pet. As studies show, 51% of dogs and 38% of cats who are microchipped return home versus those who aren’t.

You could choose one or all of the above ways to help make sure your pet comes home safely to you. However, don’t be lazy or feel that it’s unnecessary, as it is known that 1 in 3 pets are lost during their lifetime. So, for when the time comes, having a way to identify your pet will be the only way to ensure your pet returns to you.

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