Planning a Wine Tour in Texas Hill Country

Wine is a booming business in Texas. In fact, there are about 430 wineries that are located in the state and you can find more than fifty of them in the main artery of  the Hill Country’s wine region which stretches along U.S 290 along Fredericksburg and Johnson City. Over the years, the Hill Country has evolved into one of the most visited wine destinations in the world. And you can spot a few dozen wineries on Fredericksburg area alone that’s why planning a wine tour in Texas can be a little bit overwhelming. But in this article, we are going to give you a few tips when going on a wine tour in the Texas Hill Country.

How Many Wineries Can You Visit in a Day?

The number of wineries you can visit in a day depends on how many people you are with. If you’re in a weekend getaway for two, then you can probably visit four to five wineries in a day. But if you’re touring in a large group, then the ideal number of wineries is probably two to three considering the number of stops that will accommodate everyone in the group to taste, savor, and buy wine.

Tips Before You Embark on a Wine Tour

Before you go on a wine tour, remember that tastings often include three to five wines and maybe even more if you reserved a specific time for special tasting and tour at different wineries. And you might want to start your tour as early as 11 A.M. Never forget to have a meal first before going on a wine tour because you will be consuming a fair amount of alcohol.

If you plan on drinking wine then we suggest that you do not drive but if you want to take your own car, be sure you have a designated driver. But if you are going in groups, it is better if you hire a tour company.

What are the Major Wineries in the Texas Hill Country?

These wineries along the U.S Highway 290 corridor heading east to the west offers a wide range of tastes from robust and sweet and fruity.

Grape Creek Vineyards – This vineyard offers a Tuscan-inspired wine experience. Here, you can easily stop for a quick tasting but in our opinion, having a barrel room tour along with the tasting gives a more intimate experience. The best wines that Grape Creek Vineyards produce are the 2010 Estate Epiphany which is a Red Italian blend, and the 2011 Rendezvous which is a Red Rhone blend.

Lewis Wines – This winery is one of the newest on the Texas wine scene. Lewis Wines was founded by two young entrepreneurs Duncan McNabb and Doug Lewis. This vineyard focuses primarily on varietals of grapes that bloom in High Plains and Hill Country soils that’s why you can expect to find and taste bold red wines that have a beautiful color structure and extraction here in Lewis Wines. However, if you plan to include this winery on your tour, you should call ahead because they only offer wine tastings by appointment only.

4.0 Cellars – This winery was formed because of a combined partnership of Texas’ top three wineries, Lost Oak Winery of Burleson, Brennan Vineyards of Comanche, and McPherson Cellars of Lubbock. This sleek winery offers wine lovers a chance to taste some of their best wine offerings.

William Chris Vineyards – This vineyard is located in the small town of Hye, just between Stonewall and Johnson City. William Chris Vineyards is owned by Chris Brundrett and William Blackmon and they produce craft wines using fruit grown all over Texas. This vineyard offers wine tasting in two different rooms, one is on their 100-year-old renovated house and the other one is in a wide modern tasting room.

Bending Branch Winery – To get to this winery, you might have to drive about half an hour out of the way, but trust us, it’s worth the effort. Bending Branch Winery has two tasting rooms that have captured the attention of wine experts throughout Texas because of its robust and rich red wines that are made from Tempranillo, a French grape variety called Tannat, and Cabaret Sauvignon. This winery also offers a perky and bright wine that is made from the French grape called Picpoul Blanc.

We hope this article helped you in preparing your next wine tour in Texas. What are you waiting for? Pack those bags and get your taste buds ready for some exquisite wine tasting.