Play Music in Your Car With These Cool Tips


Night time car rides through the city lights bring a magic that is true and real. When it is just you seated behind your car’s wheel, cruising the open road, there is no feeling in the world that would trump the ecstasy of it. But the experience wouldn’t be complete without the right music. Maybe some jazz, a little Nina Simone, playing under the luminous sky as you drive your way back home, this is what heaven sounds like. Though, you may not be quite sure how to play music in your car. We provide best stereo system for car, please check our site.

Here are a few cool tips that may help out.

Things to know

Typically the easiest way to play music on your car is with an auxiliary (AUX) cord. Though, if there is no plug in your car for the AUX don’t worry as there are a number of cool and creative ways to connect and they are all simple and straightforward.


Phone manufacturers have facilitated the process of connecting your phone to your car. Both the Apple iOS and Android operating systems support the feature of having an app on the phone seamlessly connect your device to your car’s system. This can either be by way of your car’s built in features of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which can both connect to your phone through various ways, or through third party apps. The audio advisors from, urge you to use the Bluetooth function in your car, so long as it supports the feature. You can easily connect your Bluetooth capable smartphone to it and play your music without using a third device. 

FM transmitter

An FM, frequency modulated transmitter is a cool, small and nifty device that can be placed in the car cigarette plug. It then connects you to an empty channel, or any channel, which it has dedicated to your music. There is no need to worry about privacy as the channel is relatively private allowing only you to hear. It supports the options of Bluetooth, AUX plug, and USB port, giving you a number of options to pick from when connecting your phone or device to it. 

USB connection

When you feel like charging your phone while playing music using a USB connection is the ideal option. As soon as you connect your smartphone it should either connect straight away or it will need to be accessed manually. USB connections do not need your phone; they can read music files directly off any flash  drive. Simply insert it into the port and then play songs from it through your car’s media settings. 


As mentioned earlier the easiest most convenient method to use is using an AUX cord. These cords are very common and are readily available at most stores. Sometimes they are even on display in gas station markets. This medium of music playing is convenient as it always fits in the headphone plug, so long as your phone does have a headphone plug that is. As they are excellent in getting the job done, keeping one nearby will prove convenient.


Very easy to use, as well as being very nostalgic, putting in a CD  to listen to is something kids of this generation may be unfamiliar with. They are not the most popular way of listening to music today, though they are very cool and, despite what people may think, are very hip too. CD Players are found in most cars. For many of us, we can dust off the old CD organizer and pull out some amazing blasts from the past and listen to the music that shaped our younger years.Make use of your CDs that are thrown in an old box somewhere in your attic.

Cassette adapter

For those of you still familiar with what a cassette tape is, Cassette Adapters are perhaps the least known of cool ways to connect your car’s sound system to some good music. It is a perfect way to play music in your car, especially if it were an old model. Almost any car that is not prehistoric will come with a cassette slot, which means that the Bluetooth Cassette Adapter will serve as a wireless connection. This option is similar to FM transmitters, though it is less advanced. 

Playing music through your car is perhaps one of the things that bring you great amounts of joy, where your happiness becomes paramount. With something for everyone, you should try out some of these cool tips and listen to all the songs you want.

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