Potential Health Effects of Glucosamine for Cat Joints

Glucosamine is a drug that has been proven, particularly when combined with other drugs, to reduce the painful symptoms of osteoarthritis in your little fluffy friend. Our pets often have become members of our family’s and the idea that they are suffering gives us considerable anxiety, understandably. Thankfully, if your cat is suffering from arthritis there are plentiful treatment plans available, and one such plan is the effective treatment of Glucosamine, a supplement that humans often use for knee pain. There is conflicting evidence as to whether or not the supplement administered on its own is actually beneficial, some studies suggest it is, while others incline toward the contrary.

The History of Glucosamine

Glucosamine, while naturally occurring, was first discovered by the famed pharmacologist Professor Luigi Rovati, who discovered the synthesis in his Italian laboratory in the mid-1960s. It is a polysaccharide, which occurs naturally in our cartilaginous joint tissue and plays an integral role in the lipid and protein synthesis. Thankfully, it is not only found in the cartilaginous joints, but it can also be present in tissues such as your skin, under your nails, your bone marrow, and of course in your ligaments, as well as your synovial fluid, which occupies the area between joints, reducing joint surface friction. Many humans also take it as a supplement used for the reduction of pain and inflammation of aging.

There are many foods you can eat which are evidently rich in glucosamine, yet unfortunately cooking reduces its levels, making it difficult to achieve a healthy and consistent intake from your diet alone. Chicken, pork, and some cheeses are all massively high in the chemical, which means it is unlikely for vegetarians or vegans to get a sufficient amount without supplements. This is why it is used as a dietary supplement and has been proven to be cheap and available at most health stores across the world.

Where Can I Get Glucosamine for Myself?

Notwithstanding, many veterinarians do recommend the use of the supplement. If your veterinarian suggests this as a possible treatment plan then it is safe to administer and reap the benefits of glucosamine for cats, which you can purchase online. It is important to only purchase from reputable dealers; your cat’s health is nothing to play with.

Does Glucosamine Provide Benefits?

There are a lot of skeptics who question the authenticity of the claims of Glucosamine’s proponents. However, irrefutably it has been proven that it promotes the health of cartilage, but acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces mediators, providing inflamed joints with relief and helping to keep them strong.

Glucosamine is Fact-Acting

Glucosamine, unlike many other treatments for feline arthritis, is extremely fast-acting. It can begin to ease pain and inflammation in an incredibly short period of time, it has been proven it can reduce pain in at least 4 days, with 7 as a maximum. Many other treatments for feline arthritis can take a lot longer to work.

Glucosamine Aids Mobility and Promotes Flexibility

It can and has been used to promote the health of cartilage as aforementioned and reduce inflammation, after periods of use it has been suggested to aid in your cats once ordinary mobility and flexibility, so they can stretch, play and run, as they once did. It is the inflammation that prevents them from doing so, so when the inflammation is addressed, your feline friend is good to go!

Glucosamine Soothes Stiff Joints

Glucosamine Soothes Stiff Joints

Glucosamine has had some anecdotal success in easing the stiffness of joints, which as mentioned above, is integral in your cat returning to their once boisterous self.  It is suggested to maintain the synovial fluid viscosity, which is pivotal in aiding joint support, and building blocks for healthy cartilage.

Is It Too Good to Be True?

Glucosamine is a hot topic in the veterinary world. Extensive studies have proven the benefits of the synthesis, and many have then countered to disregard the study’s findings. It is a point of high contention, and while when combined with Chondroitin sulfate E, which can be sourced from the cartilage of squid’s, fish, and from the pig trachea, has been proven successful.

The problem lies therein, the debate is not whether Glucosamine is beneficial, it is rather, is it official without the use of other drugs? While some studies have shown it is beneficial when administered on its own, others have claimed the aforementioned are purely anecdotal. It is important that when you are buying medication for your furry friends you pick effectively and only medication reviewed by your veterinarian, at the risk of causing your little friend any unintentional harm.

Research is always necessary when it comes to administering drugs to your little friends, which cannot be stressed enough, so please don’t take the risk. You should also check your cat for allergies before you decide to provide them with any supplementary medications.