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Annie Lennox is a Scottish songwriter, singer, philanthropist, and political activist. She was born on December 25, 1954, and grew up in Aberdeen, Scotland. Lennox showed her passion for music quite early and learned how to play the flute and piano. Due to her exceptional talent in music, she was awarded a scholarship to London’s Royal Academy of Music. Unfortunately, she dropped out of school before taking the final exam. Later, she said that she had always been unhappy at the Academy and was looking for a way out.

After quitting her studies, Lennox spent the next couple of years working during the day and singing at night in London. In the late 70s, she met the guitarist, Dave Stewart. Stewart was a former member of the short-lived folk-rock band ‘Longdancer.’ After seeing Lennox’s potential, Stewart asked her to join in the new band he was forming together with PeetCoombes. Eventually, Lennox was convinced and became the vocalist of the British pop and rock band ‘The Tourists.’ From 1979- 1980, the band released three albums and even scored a number-four single in the U.K., courtesy of the band’s cover of Dusty Springfield’s ‘I Only Want to be With You.’

Lenox and Stewart developed a more intimate relationship; eventually, they became lovers. But as their band became famous, misunderstandings between band members escalated. Lennox and Stewart had a hard time dealing with their songwriter, Coombes, who was reportedly a drug addict. As the tension grew between the band members, Lennox and Stewart’s relationship was also affected.

In 1980, both the band and the relationship between Lennox and Stewart ended. However, the breakup between the two musicians was unconventional. The two still went out together to sing, eat, and even lived in the same place at one point. Since they both loved singing, they continued to perform in different events. Finally, when Lennox and Stewart were at WaggaWagga, Australia, they decided to form a new group, became the hit duo ‘Eurythmics.’

Despite working as a duo, Lennox and Stewart were not able to revive their intimate relationships. In 1984, Lennox married her first husband, Radha Raman. However, their relationship only lasted for one year.

Lennox married her second husband, Uri Fruchtman, in 1988. He is a movie and record producer of Israeli origin. The couple had two daughters named Lola and Tali. The relationship lasted 12 years, after which Lennox split with her husband in 2000. In 2012, Lennox married her third husband, a South African gynecologist named Mitch Besser.

'Diva' was Annie Lennox's debut album as a solo singer'Diva' was Annie Lennox's debut album as a solo singer

In the early 80s, Lennox was one of the most popular female pop vocalists in the U.K. When the Eurythmics duo was formed, it churned out many chart-topping hits. Some of Eurythmics’ hits that topped both the U.S. and U.K.’s charts include ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),’’ Who’s That Girl,’ Love is a Stranger,’ and ‘Here Comes the Rain Again.’ Aside from new wave and synth-pop songs, Eurythmics also released hard rock music.

In December 1988, Lennox topped the headlines again, but not because of a new song. This time, the news was about her having her first baby (with her second husband). Unfortunately, Lennox gave birth to a stillborn baby at that time.

The following year, Eurythmics’s released its seventh album ‘We Too Are One.’ Shortly after releasing this album, Lennox announced that she would take a break for two years. However,  Lennox’s absence actually paved the way for the duo’s final split.

Since Eurythmics no longer existed, Lennox decided to venture into a solo career. In 1992, Lennox released ‘Diva,’ her debut album as a solo singer. The album showcased a calmer and more mature voice, a complete deviation from the new wave and synth-pop styles that previously characterized her music. Diva spawned two hit singles, ‘Walking on Broken Glass (ranked number 14),’ and ‘Why (ranked number 34).’ In the U.S. alone, Lennox’s debut album sold more than two million copies. The album was also nominated for a Grammy award.

Lennox released her second solo album entitled ‘Medusa’ in 1995. The said album was Lennox’s first cover song compilation. Medusa produced Lennox’s hit cover of ‘No More I Love You’s.’ The song peaked at number 2 in the U.K.’s chart. Before the end of 1995, Medusa became a certified Platinum album.

Lennox again took a break in 1996 and focused on raising her two daughters, Lola and Tali. She also spent more time doing her humanitarian activities.

After seven years, Lennox released another album entitled ‘Bare.’ The album ranked number 3 in the U.K., and it peaked at number 4 in the U.S. The album was also nominated for the Grammy’s ‘Best Pop Vocal Album’ award. ‘Bare’ was a certified Gold album both in the U.K. and the U.S.

In 2007, Lennox released another album dubbed as ‘Songs of Mass Destruction.’ The said album ranked number seven in the U.K. and reached Silver record sales. After three years, Lennox released her very first holiday album entitled ‘A Christmas Cornucopia.’ Meanwhile, in 2014, Lennox released her third cover-oriented album called ‘Nostalgia.’ The following year, Nostalgia was re-rereleased under a new title, ‘Nostalgia: An Evening With Annie Lennox.’ The repackage album includes the songs from the original studio album (‘Nostalgia) plus a Blu-Ray disc copy of Lennox’s PBS concert in Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.

Aside from her success in the music industry, Lennox also received many awards for her humanitarian activities. In 2011, Lennox received her most notable award- The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) Order of Chivalry for her outstanding contributions in arts and humanitarian response.

Throughout her career, Annie proved her worth in many aspects. She excels in singing and also helped a lot of people through her philanthropic activities. One might say that hers is a life worth emulating.

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