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Since 1 st  October 2018, companies are required to submit their applications to  public tenders electronically . This obligation concerns public contracts which meet a need whose value is greater than or equal to 40,000 euros excluding taxes like destructive wave 5ePreviously 25 000 euros, this dematerialization threshold was raised on 1 st  January 2020, to facilitate the access of small and micro businesses to public procurement. You should still always make use of tender writing services to help your case.

Thus, since   January 1, 2020 , the formalized procedure thresholds for public contracts have been lowered to:

  • € 139,000 excluding tax: government supply and service contracts
  • € 214,000 excluding tax: supply and service contracts for local authorities and supply contracts for central public authorities operating in the defense sector
  • € 428,000 excluding tax: supply and service contracts for contracting entities and supply and service contracts in the defense or security sector
  • € 5,350,000 excluding tax: works contracts and concession contracts

Holding nearly a third of the amount of public contracts, SMEs have a considerable role to play in the race to obtain public contracts.

Make yourself known to win customers

Popularity plays a crucial role in the sales industry, which is why it is important to market yourself to public buyers. Make an appointment and leave your contact details, this way buyers can reach you by mutual agreement and within the framework of MAPA (Markets with Adapted Procedures). Under the private agreement, the buyer has the right to contact the company he has chosen. As regards MAPA, the terms of competition are defined by each of the buyers in relation to its size, the nature of the market and the number of possible opponents.

Calls for tenders, where are they found?

Regarding calls for tenders , register on the Public Order Network platform in order to recognize and choose the public market area you want to invest using a free monitoring tool. However, care must be taken with respect to ABPMs, as they are generally not listed. Every day, you will receive the public contracts that suit your business conditions by e-mail. These conditions may include market size, nature of buyers, and geographic locations.

Preparation of the company’s file

To showcase your company, you would literally need a file including your details. The details that must be included are your customer references, the history of the company, the balance sheet of the company over the last three years, your offers, your advantages over the competition, your organization chart, your procedures. as well as your technical and human resources. Basically, the dossier should be fairly comprehensive and updated regularly so that your public buyers can get to know you better.

Supporting documents: a decree which fixes the necessary documents

However, any attentive candidate has noticed that these parts to be produced at the application stage are often the same from one market to another! The reason is regulatory: in fact, the contracting authority can only require from candidates the documents exhaustively listed by a decree dating from 2006.
However, the range of the contracting authority is very thin when it comes to documents relating to financial capacities. Indeed, only the following elements relate to this criterion:
• Declaration concerning the total turnover and the turnover realized during the last three financial years available
• Appropriate declaration of banks or proof of an insurance for the risks professionals 5e Frightened 
• Balance sheets or extracts from balance sheets, relating to the last three years, of economic operators for whom the establishment of balance sheets is compulsory by law.
As the field of the public market is regulated, it is necessary to fill in the forms such as DC1, DC2, DC3… to be printed on the web. You also need other key documents such as the Kbis of less than three months, the copy of insurance certificates, annual state certificates. It should be noted that the DC7 can be requested every year by the Paymaster General to check whether the obligations are met. You should also check tax obligations, social obligations, taxes.

Warning !

Applicants are exempt from providing the documents if they can be obtained free of charge online, provided that they provide the information and indications necessary for their consultation.
For procurement notices marked with the MPS logo (Simplified Public Procurement), candidates can only provide their SIRET number instead of the required certificates.
The buyer:
– can ask the company to complete its file within an appropriate and identical timeframe for everyone, if an application does not contain all the documents.
– cannot require the supply of original documents, certified true copy or certified translation.
– may also provide that the company is not required to provide the documents already transmitted in the context of a previous consultation insofar as

Announcing a result

As soon as your company is solicited by a buyer for a service, consider preparing and sending invoices according to the register provided by the client. You can even use OSEO’s specific financing without hesitation. Otherwise, that is to say that your application file is not accepted, you are entitled to make a request to justify the refusal of your file. By this means, you will be able to systematically evaluate the analysis of the causes of your failure to take it into account if you wish to invest in other public markets.

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