Quick Guide to Learning How To Read Korean


Mastering a new language is a fun journey. One key aspect of language learning that often gets overlooked is reading.

In the case of learning Korean, speed reading can be a game-changer. By learning how to read fast, you save time.


Techniques to Read Korean Fast

  1. Skimming and Scanning
  2. Chunking and Subvocalization
  3. Expand Your Korean Vocabulary
  4. Understand Korean Phonetics and Pronunciation

Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Pronunciation Difficulties

Lack of Vocabulary

Lack of Practice

Resources for Practicing Speed Reading in Korean

Techniques to Read Korean Fast

Speed reading in the Korean language enhances your reading fluency. Understanding the context, tone, and nuance of Korean writings requires fluency.

Here are strategies to help you learn how to read Korean:

1. Skimming and Scanning

Skimming and scanning are two techniques for speed reading in any language. It includes Korean.

Skimming involves quickly glancing over a text to get a general idea of its content. Scanning involves looking for specific Korean words or phrases in a text. You can train your eyes to move quickly across the page.

2. Chunking and Subvocalization

Chunking involves grouping words or phrases together when reading. Try reading clusters of Korean letters or words as a single entity rather than as individual words. This facilitates faster information processing in the brain.

Subvocalization, on the other hand, describes the practice of saying each word aloud as you read. Although this might be advantageous for novices, it will slow down your reading pace. You can speed up reading without sacrificing comprehension.

3. Expand Your Korean Vocabulary

Any language speed reading requires developing a broad vocabulary. In Korean, learning new words and expressions will improve your reading speed.

Establish the practice of learning a few new words each day and employing them in sentences. Flashcards are an option. You can also use internet resources or language learning apps. The greater your vocabulary, the quicker you will be. This is to be able to identify and comprehend terms as you read.

4. Understand Korean Phonetics and Pronunciation

When it comes to speed reading in Korean, understanding the phonetics and pronunciation is essential.

Unlike English, the Korean alphabet has a unique phonetic system called Hangul. The word Hangul has 14 basic Korean consonants and 10 basic Korean vowels. This forms a syllable block that creates more words.

To learn to read Korean, familiarize yourself with the pronunciation of each Hangul character. Practice reading aloud and listening to native speakers to develop a natural rhythm and intonation.

Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Learning to speed read in Korean comes with its own set of challenges. Here are common obstacles you may encounter:

Pronunciation Difficulties

Korea has its unique phonetic system. This may be challenging for learners who are unfamiliar with the sounds.

To overcome this, focus on practicing the correct Korean pronunciation of each sound. Also, pay attention to Korean grammar and the rhythm of Korean speech.

Practice listening to native speakers and imitating their pronunciation. You can also consider enrolling in a Korean pronunciation course or finding a language exchange partner.

Lack of Vocabulary

Building a strong vocabulary is vital for speed reading in Korean. However, it can be overwhelming to memorize countless words and their meanings.

To overcome this, focus on learning high-frequency words. These are used in different contexts. Read extensively in Korean to encounter new vocabulary in different contexts.

Lack of Practice

Consistency is key when it comes to speed reading in Korean. Lack of practice can hinder your progress and slow down your reading speed.

To overcome this challenge:

  1. Set aside dedicated time for reading daily.
  2. Make it a habit to read in Korean, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
  3. Start with shorter texts and gradually increase the length of the Korean letter.

Remember to utilize these resources regularly and tailor them to your specific needs and goals.

Resources for Practicing Speed Reading in Korean

There are resources to help you practice and improve your speed reading skills. Here are recommendations for you:

  • Online courses and video tutorials. Many language learning platforms offer online courses specifically designed to enhance reading speed in Korean. These provide structured lessons such as Korean syllable blocks.
  • Korean news websites and blogs. Reading news articles in Korean is a way to practice speed reading. Start with shorter articles. Then, gradually work your way up to longer and more complex texts. News websites also provide a wealth of cultural insights.
  • Korean literature or novels. Reading Korean exposes you to authentic Korean texts. Choose books that align with your reading level and gradually challenge yourself with more advanced texts.
  • Online reading comprehension tests. Various online platforms offer reading comprehension tests in Korean. Incorporate these resources into your daily language-learning routine.


Learning how to read fast in Korean is not just about speed. It increases your vocabulary. Thus, it is a way to become a greater confident language learner.

So, capture the opportunity to explore and exercise regularly. Start your journey of learning how to read fast in Korean and experience the joy of accelerated language learning!

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