Quotes About Being Happy

We all, without exception, want to be happy. Unfortunately, for most of us, happiness is an elusive and, in some way, fleeting state that we can achieve only for a brief moment before it floats away like a leaf in the wind.

The truth is that as human beings, all of us try to be happy with everything that we do. And it often happens that for being happy we always need more – better job, higher status in life, more money, bigger house and so on. But can these things really make us happy? Of course, everyone needs to decide that for yourself!

Maybe the quotes about being happy from wise people who came before us will be able to inspire you to realize what actually you need to be a happy person! The stay happy quotes that we’ve gathered will definitely help you to find the path to happiness and life satisfaction. Start enjoying life right now and unlock the secret to being happy quotes given here reveal it to you.