Romanian citizenship by repatriation. Real clients’ reviews about Public Investments Solutions S.R.L.


In the 21th century people prefer living the way they want. They can get it by immigration. A lot of citizens from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries go abroad not just to do seasonal works but also to stay there for living. The reason for this phenomenon is the advantages offered by the EU. is a migration company that helps people to get a legal status in the EU by obtaining the citizenship of Romania. The lawyers provide the clients with legal support at every stage of the process. Public Investments Solutions is responsible for the document preparation: to find papers in the repository, translate and notarize the immigrant’s papers.

The foreigner who wants to feel free traveling abroad, run business and live in a country with favorable climate conditions can apply for the European citizenship.

The following issues are explained below:

  • How to obtain Romanian citizenship easily;
  • How exactly Public Investments Solutions S.R.L. helps immigrants;
  • Real customers’ reviews.

How to obtain Romanian citizenship easily

There are several common ways to obtain European citizenship: naturalization, repatriation, and investment.

In comparison with the other two ways naturalization is the most time-consuming. It takes about 10 years to obtain the European citizenship. However, investment and repatriation are considered to be the most favorable ways to get European passport.

Investment is appropriate for wealthy persons who are able to purchase real estate, set up their own company, or make a non-refundable donation to the country’s economy.

Repatriation is suitable for the foreigners who have Romanian origin. They are provided with the right to obtain Romanian citizenship under the Romanian Citizenship Law (Article 11).

The advantages of over other immigration companies:

  • Consultation on the registration process;
  • Solving all bureaucratic issues;
  • Signature of favorable agreement;
  • Simple registration procedure of Romanian citizenship;
  • Translation and notarization of all documents;
  • Immigrants’ preparation for taking the oath of faith towards Romania/Bulgaria;
  • Registration of the ID card and other documents of the country.

How exactly Public Investments Solutions helps immigrants

How exactly Public Investments Solutions helps immigrants

Immigrants have the opportunity to get a dual nationality with the support of our company. It allows them to have visa-free access to 175 countries, the right of being employed, studying and traveling in any country of the EU. Therefore, immigrants will have the equal opportunities as European nationals.

Advantages of Romanian citizenship:

  • Legal employment in the EU;
  • Free access to higher education in the EU. (Graduates from the European universities can work at any company in the world);
  • High standard of medical care;
  • State aids for the unemployed;
  • Financial support for disabled people with and large families;
  • Low taxes;
  • Right to get a loan and mortgage in European banks.

Lawyers’ assistance of the Public Investments Solutions immigration company begins with the collection of documents. In case, potential Romanian citizens do not have the documents which prove their Romanian origin, the lawyers can find the necessary papers in repository.

Necessary documents for obtaining the citizenship of Romania:

  • ID-card;
  • Valid international passport;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Marriage license;
  • Applicant parents’ birth certificates and marriage license;
  • Criminal record certificate;
  • Autobiography;
  • Filled application form;
  • 3,5 x 4,5 cm photos, 2 items.

The next step is to apply to the state authorities of Romania (Ministry of Justice), with the help of a lawyer of Public Investments Solutions. Subsequently, the applicants receive a dosar and wait for their case to be verified.

After the verification procedure, the applicants have to arrive to the Ministry of Justice for the oath-taking ceremony. If the applicants succeed at this stage, they obtain a certificate of Romanian citizenship. In this case, they process all the internal documents of the country.

It is quite real to obtain a European passport legally within a year. The lawyers’ support during this procedure is of great importance.

It is always relevant to take into consideration the customers’ reviews before choosing the company to work with. There is a great number of positive reviews about Public Investments Solutions S.R.L.

Here are some of them:

How to obtain Romanian citizenship easily

Here are some of them

Most of them are about quick registration, stress-free paperwork, and full-time Public Investments Solutions’ support.


In the 21st century, immigration became an ordinary notion. Everyone who wants to improve their life conditions easily, prefer immigration experts’ support to move to another country. The examples of customers’ reviews above prove that Public Investments Solutions S.R.L. provides the applicants with a professional support at all the stages of immigration process.

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