RSO Georgia Presents The Alternative Solution To Cure Cancer


Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is dark brown/black and highly potent oil. This RSO oil is created by stripping the trichomes of the cannabis plants, as these are high in therapeutic terpenes and cannabinoids. After completing this process, we get the final product, an oil full of healing compounds, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Rick Simpson, a Canadian scientist, created Rick Simpson Oil. A very interesting fact about this oil is that it has helped its owner treat cancer. The scientist Rick Simpson was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, which enabled the scientist to conduct research where he studied the impact of THC on cancer cells. During this research, oil was created.

After he created the oil, he started to use it, and after the application of the oil on his skin in only four days, the cancerous cells were healed and properly gone. This was amazing proof that RSO cures cancer. After watching with his own eyes how medical marijuana has such amazing healing effects, Simpson decided to harvest his plants of cannabis and started to produce his cannabis-infused oil, which is today known as the RSO.

Rick Simpson Oil is now coming to Georgia

Earlier, there were some rules regarding products containing THC in Georgia, but now these laws have changed, and products containing THC are legally allowed in Georgia. This provides Rick Simpson Oil Georgia with a wonderful opportunity. They are now setting up this business in Georgia and will be able to help cancer patients in the state by providing them with an alternative solution to cancer.

The state commission, which was in charge of Georgia’s medical marijuana program, has adopted a new set of rules regarding the manufacturer and sale of low-THC cannabis oil for patients suffering from a wide range of diseases, especially cancer. It is a milestone for the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission as it is a great step towards its goal of providing high-quality products to its patients.

A commission is created by the law which is passed by the General Assembly that moves Georgia from not only legalizing the use and possession of cannabis oil, but now the marijuana can also be grown in the state under close supervision and then converted into the required product which can be sold to all of the patients that are enrolled in the state registry.

Patients suffering from diseases like Parkinson’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, seizure disorders, sickle cell anaemia and terminal cancer are eligible to receive cannabis oil. The programs have laid out rules regarding the companies that will produce the oil, dispensaries where the oil will be sold, and the laboratories assigned to test the product.

This is a great step taken by the government as it provides great opportunities to companies like Rick Simpson Oil, and they can now help patients with their cancer treatment. RSO has also grabbed the opportunity, and they will be coming to Georgia with their amazing product, bringing great medicine to all of the cancer patients in the state.

An insight into RSO

The RSO is the same as a highly purified hashish. This hashish is a cannabinoid-concentrated product created by separating the plant’s resin and trichomes. The theory for this creation is that a potent mix of highly concentrated terpenes and cannabinoids helps treat conditions like cancer.

This is accomplished by soaking the body cells in cannabinoids; during this process, the oil aids in the battle against cancerous cells throughout the body.  Also, there are some differences and similarities between regular cannabis oil and RSO. the cannabis oil is generally made with the infusion of the cannabis into other oils like MCT, coconut or olive oil.

On the other hand, cannabis oil is concentrated oil created by separating the plant’s cannabinoids from the plant material, making it more similar to hash and other cannabis concentrates. A great similarity between cannabis oil and RSO is that both of these products are full-spectrum products. This means that both of these products contain various chemical compounds, including psychoactive THC. 

RSO contains more THC than most cannabis oils, and the dense THC concentrations found in RSO make the product more powerful than most cannabis oils.

The procedure of RSO is also relaying simple first, mix highly pure alcohol with cannabis, and this will create a solvent. Then starting the solvent, it will get rid of the extra plant material. Then heat the solvent, making sure you avoid naked flames; this will get rid of all of the alcohol and some other contaminants which may be present in the solvent. And it will result in a thick and sticky black or brown coloured oil. That is how the RSO oil is prepared in the laboratories.

Medical conditions that can be treated with RSO 

RSO is a cannabis oil containing THC, which has been proven to work with patients with cancer. This oil helps with the control of vomiting and nausea in cancer patients going through chemotherapy. Many studies have also shown that this oil has helped patients with their appetite and pain. 

Much modern research has been conducted on RSO and has proven that this product is highly effective in treating cancer with other therapies, and on top of that, it also helps with many other conditions. Some other conditions that can be treated with RSO are arthritis, infections like MRSA, high blood pressure, insomnia, multiple sclerosis (MS), Asthma, Inflammation and depression.

The dose of RSO given to any patient is highly influenced by the age, physical health and gender of the patient. The rule regarding the dose of RSO given to the patient describes 60 grams of the product in 90 days. Patients generally start with the dose of a tiny drop, which is usually equivalent to a grain of rice that is either topically applied on the patient or ingested by the patient in one way or another in every eight hours.

Thus, we can say that RSO is a great product, and as the new rules have been introduced in Georgia regarding the use of THC, RSO is now available in Georgia and can be used by several patients in their treatment.

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